Clean and Press


Tonight’s CrossFit session went well. We had three rounds of Ground to Overheads (Clean and Press), then dumbbell rows, and sit ups. The first round was 21 of each, the next is 15, and last was 9. I was only using the 45lb bar, but good grief it got realllly heavy toward the end! It took me 3 tries to get the last press overhead. I finished in 16:32. I was last again, but I didn’t care much.

We had a guy visiting from Washington State. I’m not sure if he was training with Shane or just here on vacation and getting his workouts in. He was nice enough, but one of these people that thinks yelling where you are in your rounds at you is motivating. I appreciate the thought, but I was very tempted to ask him to “shut up”. I’m pushing as hard as I can, I don’t really like hearing “Come on girl…no resting…push it out…only 9 more…8….7…come on push push” being yelled at me. Yelling “Come on girl” is fine…but I don’t want a barrage being yelled at me.  Shane does a great job with his motivation technique. He’s encouraging but at the same time he keeps calm, which keeps me more focused. I know some people really enjoy the constant yelling motivation, it’s just not my style! But, I did appreciate the thought the behind it.

Now, if I’m dogging it and not doing something right or well, you’re free to yell at me then. Everything has a time and place.

I had lemon thyme chicken for dinner tonight. Yum-my!


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