Goodbye 2010


Lately I’ve seen several blog posts that refer to New Years Resolutions. I gave up resolutions a little while back. In order to change my life and be a healthier person, that’s something I need to work on day after day, year after year. I do have goals, don’t get me wrong, but resolutions to me are things that people come up with when the excitement of the new year is here then forget about as time goes by.

2010 has been a mixed year. My husband and I were blessed with how well we were able to save up money and get some things paid off (like our truck!). However, I lost my Grandmother and will soon be losing my last Grandfather. My Grandfather is 89 years old and had just celebrated his 59th wedding anniversary this month. Yesterday he was found in the bathroom, not breathing. My Uncle Tim was able to give him mouth to mouth until the ambulance got there. Come to find out he has pneumonia and the fluid was restricting his heart. Last night, according to the doctors,  it was just a matter of getting the fluid removed. This afternoon I got the news that he’s not doing well and will more than likely not pull through this. He has a blood clot in his lung that they can’t remove, due to his age. So, now I’m in the same position I was in at the end of September…waiting for a loved one to pass on. I don’t which is hardest: having a family member pass away suddenly without a chance to say goodbye or having them hang on while you watch them go but being able to let them know they’re loved.

Compared to many of my friends, I have been extremely lucky in the Grandparent category. My Great Grandmother was part of my life until she passed away when I was 14. How many people get 14 years with a Great Grandparent? I am close to all of my Grandparents and didn’t lose my first one until I was 28. So, I am thankful for all of the time I’ve had with them.

Here’s hoping 2011 brings new/better changes!


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  1. I’m so sorry about your Grandfather. How wonderful that you have had such great relationships with your older family generations.

    I don’t know which option is harder, I think it’s whichever you don’t get to experience. It all sucks.

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