Shedding More Than Weight


While I have been mostly focused on losing weight over the past year, it’s evident that my house is gaining weight. How’d I miss that?! What exactly do I mean? Well, I have way too much clutter going on. My friend Michelle is starting a challenge in 2011 of throwing away/donating/getting rid of at least 1 item a day for 365 days. I think that’s a great idea!

I won’t be doing the 365 day challenge, but I am going to try to clean out the clutter in my house. Anyone else wanna join?!

Source: Flickr - click photo for link


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  1. I’m constantly giving things away, I also belong to a local Freecycle email list which helps. It’s like a compulsion with me and yet, my house is never as neat as I’d like to be. LOL

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