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7 Year Itch


Mike and I will be married 7 years tomorrow, 1/31/11. As I’ve mentioned, we have signed up for Angie’s Half Crazy 1/2 Marathon on March 27th. Mike decided he wanted to try to run a 1/2 marathon today to see if he could do it. Yep…you heard that right. He doesn’t believe in “training” for a race, so he wanted to do a dry run first. In all fairness, he runs 4 miles every morning Monday-Friday so he’s in pretty good shape. We decided to call this the 7 Year Itch 1/2 Marathon since it’s right before the big day! Thankfully, neither one of us have the “itch”. Before I started I put Body Glide all over my feet since I typically get blisters pretty bad. Today I was scheduled to go 7 miles for my 1/2 marathon training. Originally, I was going to stop at 7 miles (since Mike is about twice s fast as me, that would put us finishing about the same time) however, I decided if he was going to do it, I was going to do it.

I did the wogging thing again instead of interval running/walking. I went about a mile for each wogging  time so I was happy with that. At some point I got tired and was walking faster than I was jogging so I stuck with just walking the rest. The first 8 miles weren’t too bad. I could feel a blister forming on the ball of both feet but it didn’t seem too bad. Mike passed me a few times on our track…no surprise there! Once I hit the 8 mile mark, I started going downhill quickly. I met back up with Mike (who finished his run in about 2:20 and actually probably ran closer to 15 miles since he goofed up one of his loops) about that time and he walked the rest of it with me. That was a big help. At this point, I was tired and wishing I had some music. I didn’t bring my nano because it was threatening to rain and I didn’t want to mess it up. I was hurting pretty good for the last 4 miles. The blisters were screaming and my legs were starting to really get tired. While I tried to increase my pace, I wasn’t successful. In fact, the difference between my starting pace and my ending pace is outrageous. Needless to say, I’m glad I have 2 more months to continue training for the next one.

As you can see from my splits, I started struggling at mile 9 and just went downhill from there. My average was ok, not great. However, my doctor told me I’d probably only be able to do 3-5 miles when exercising because of my Tracheal Stenosis so I’m thrilled to prove him wrong! I am able to do most everything I want, and that means a lot to me. So…let’s see how this breaks down with the charts!

See what I mean? I crashed and burned from mile 1 to mile 13! Oh well…this is a preliminary run so we’ll see what happens at the 1/2 marathon at the end of March!

What did you do today?




I am so sore today. This is the most sore I’ve been after a CrossFit workout since I think my first or second week. I blame it on the kettlebell swings! My arms are killing me. My knuckle on my left hand was bothering me too and I couldn’t figure out what I had done. Well, come to find out I had bruised it. In fact, I had three bruises on that part of my hand from hitting the dumbbell. I know I hit the dumbbell against my leg a couple of times so I think that caused it. What can I say…I’m a wuss!

As most of you know, I’ve been having to take my showers/baths like this for the past two days.

Thankfully, we almost have our new hot water heater in place. The company we called to come out and fix it said it was irreparable and they’d be happy to replace it for us for $1509.00. That was awfully sweet of them, but I declined the offer. Mike has been working all morning on installing the new on. Yesterday it took both of us to get it out of the truck, get the old one down and replace it with the new one. Now, all that stands between me and a hot shower is a pipe for the hot water. The other one was stripped which caused Mike to make his 3rd run to Lowe’s. We live about 30-40 minutes from it. I am so excited to have it back up and running again! Ruby, on the other hand, was not impressed with our home repair skills.

30 Days Completed


When I was thinking about starting the Paleo diet, I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to stick it out for the 30 days. What is the Paleo diet? Basically, you eat nuts, seeds, lean meats, vegetables, and some fruit. You do not eat grains, legumes, gluten, and dairy. Dr. Cordain, Robb Wolf, and others posit that our (humans) biology hasn’t evolved or changed much in the past 10,000 years. What this means is that our bodies are not equipped to eat grains and legumes because we can’t digest them properly. In fact, the grains cause damage to our internal organs (stomach, intestines) as they move through our system undigested. This leads to inflammation and in return some of the more common diseases in society today.

I’m a carbohydrate addict. Not just carbs…but highly processed carbs like cakes, cookies, pancakes, breads, and other yummy goodness. So, in taking the 30 day challenge (eating paleo 30 days, no exceptions) I was going to have to stop eating all of those cold turkey. April 2009, I stopped drinking diet sodas (well, any sodas at all) and that was tough. I expected the first couple of weeks to be quite hard on me in cutting out the grains. However, it wasn’t too bad. Yes, I craved chocolate and sweets, but I was able to pass them up. The only time I had a point where I thought I’d give in and eat the forbidden fruit was at the dinner after my Grandfather’s funeral. First, the meal was composed of pastas and salads made with dairy products. The only thing I could eat was the ham, strawberries, and blackberries. Oh, there were a couple of carrot sticks as well. So, I ate what I could of those. Then they brought out the desserts. There was chocolate cake, carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies, M&M cookies, peach cobbler, apple pie, and some other things. I stood at the table and took in all of the smells.


“One bite won’t hurt” went through my head followed by “if you just eat one cookie it won’t hurt anything too bad. Just one cookie and that’s it.” This was dangerous. I was talking myself into eating stuff I knew I shouldn’t have been eating. I was about 20 days into my diet at this point and hadn’t had any sweet cravings for a while.  I took one more sniff of all of that sugary sin and made myself walk away to a different building. If I stayed any longer at that table, I was going to break down. I wasn’t even hungry. I didn’t want to eat them because I was still hungry…I would have just been eating to eat them. That was one of my biggest personal victories.

I noticed my body shape changing some about 2-3 weeks in. My lumpy thighs weren’t so lumpy anymore and the pod of fat on the side of my hips wasn’t as big when I ran my hand over it. During week 4 I was able to fit into a size 16 pants! I didn’t weigh myself at all during the 30 days. I had made an agreement with myself a while back that I was only going to weigh myself once a month. Let me tell you, it was hard not to dig the scale out and weigh early when I knew I had to have been losing weight. At the 30 day mark I stepped on the scale and found I had lost 12.6 lbs..outstanding! I had also lost about 6 inches.  

Many people claim that the Paleo diet gives them so much more energy, they can think clearer, they feel younger, etc. What can I say? I felt my attitude shift from being mostly negative to mostly positive. My anxiety was little to non-existent and while I didn’t feel a great influx of energy, I wasn’t falling asleep at my desk anymore at 2 in the afternoon. The results have been great, in my opinion, and I will continue to eat this way. That being said though, I will allow myself some of the things I enjoy from time to time. I’m not giving up cake for the rest of my life! Yesterday I had one of those small personal sized boxes of Lucky Charms for a snack (since I was out of my 30 day challenge) and I wasn’t too hip on them. They weren’t good. Plus, I got realllly tired about an hour later. Is that related? I don’t know but I would think so.

What’s next? Just keep on keeping on. I stopped consuming artificial sweeteners last Monday (1/24/11). It hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be not to have sweet-n-low or splenda in my iced tea. I do miss it, but I’m doing just fine! We’ll see how the next 30 days go without the artificial sweeteners.

Getting Up to Speed


OMG…tonight’s workout was brutal. BRUTAL. Our warm up was Death by 10 Meter x2. In other words, instead of doing  just one sprint and adding 1 each time we did 2 sprints, adding 2 sprints each time. Last time I got kicked out at 11. Today I got in 12 before I removed myself. I was having a hard time catching my breath. The last round was 14, so I should have just tried to push harder and get some of them in. Again, I think my throat is causing me not to get the same amount of oxygen as I had been. Which scares me.

The WOD was 5 rounds for time of 10 Ground to Overhead (Clean and Press), 20 Kettlebell Swings and 5 Burpees. I started with the 35# bar for the GTO but they were too easy so I switched to the 45# bar. That weight started getting very heavy during round 2. I was thinking “Great…I’m not even 1/2 way done.” However, Shane said my form was good through all of the rounds (which I tried to keep good form because I was very tired and that’s normally when my form goes to pot). During the last round I got 2 or 3 GTO with the 45# bar when I had to switch down to the 35# bar. At the time I didn’t think I could finish the last round with the 45# bar but on the way home my brain started saying “You could have done it. You just wussed out.” However, I think I made the right call in downgrading. Last time I was able to do 45 GTOs with the 45# bar, but I think the Kettle Bells fatigued my arms more this round.

The Kettlebell Swings were hard. This was the first time that I had done them and I don’t particularly want to do them again anytime soon! I used a 25# bell (bar bell because we don’t have kettlebells) and really struggled with them but I didn’t down grade the weight…I was able to push through with that weight. Michelle gave me some pointers after the workout to make them a little easier to do. So, next time we’ll see if I can do better. I got so hot during this workout that I thought I was going to lose my lunch. Thankfully, I was able to push it down and get through it.


Source: CrossfitInvictus

Since I can’t do a normal burpee, I modify it where I go into a plank pose (instead of going all the way down) then come back up. They still kill me. I finished in around 24:30. I was so tired that I looked at the time but didn’t soak it in. Michelle finished well before me so Shane made her do 50 sit ups on the GHB machine. Ouch! But, she kicked ass. Not only did she do great during the workout, but she had extra work to do as well. She’s my inspiration! I often think of upping my CrossFit workouts from 2 a week to 3, but at this time I’m not going to since I’m also training for the half marathon in March.

OH…one more thing. Today was day 30 of my Paleo Diet! Recap coming soon.

Missing the Heat


I woke up this morning to a warm shower that kept getting cooler. Yep…you guessed it. It appears our hot water heater is having issues. Mike was able to get the pilot light lit again but it went right out. Then he tried to light it again a little while later and a fire ball came out. That was quite scary. Tomorrow morning will be started with a colllld shower. Yea! Can’t wait!

This afternoon was supposed to be a 40 minute walk/run day. I ended up wogging for 15 minutes, walked 5, wogged 15 more and finished it with a 5 minute walk. All in all, I was quite happy with how it went! This Sunday Mike wants to try to walk a 1/2 marathon, so I’ll get in as many miles as I can. I have several miles (14, I think) left to get in before the end of the month for January’s Going The Distance.

Next weekend Mike and I will be competing in the Bill Crews Remission Run in Conroe. I’m looking forward to it!

Flyin’ High Now


It’s a CrossFit day!! Today’s workout wasn’t too bad, except for the first run…that sucked.

Today’s Strength was Squat Thrusters 5 x 5. So, 5 rounds of 5 reps. We’re supposed to up the weight as we go. Michelle and I were paired up. We started with a 35# bar and ended with 55#s. That went pretty good. I need to work on keeping my elbows out so I create more of a shelf for the bar. The WOD started with a 200 meter sprint. Yep…sprint! Then 21-15-9 of pull ups and box jumps followed by another 200 meter run.

The sprint was tough…by the time I finished the run and crawled up on the box for my pull ups I thought I might get sick! I kept telling myself to breathe and it’ll go away. I did jumping pull ups since I can’t do a real pull up. However, I felt like my pull was going much better than it had been. Shane made me put a 25# weight on top of my normal step up box so it added about 1 1/2 to 2 more inches. That little bit made quite a difference. That sprint seemed to make everything else that much harder. It was tough to catch my breath. Shane said we should be able to finish the WOD within 10-12 minutes, which normally means 16-18 minutes for us! I ended up finishing in 10:04!! My last run was quite sad…not much of a run.

Michelle tried to get me to try the box jumps today with the small box but I couldn’t do it. Like she said, it’s completely psychological. In my head I see myself hitting the box with my toes and falling face first instead of landing on the box. I need to get over that and just do it. Maybe I should make my own box and try it at home. I tried to do some jumping when I got home on an imaginary box, but I think I would have tripped over it too! It seemed like I’m not getting my knees high enough. I’ll keep practicing and I’ll do it eventually. I also want to try to do a pull up with the green band. I just want to be able to do one pull up that’s not a jumping pull up!

And The Verdict Is…


Today was my first weigh in since Christmas Day so I was very interested in seeing the results. I drug myself out of bed this morning and pulled the scale out from its dark, damp hiding place. This particular scale can supposedly calculate your body fat % and whatnot. Unfortunately, I hadn’t documented what those were last time so I don’t have anything to compare other than weight. Which, is fine since I’m not sure how accurate that is anyway. I told myself that I wasn’t going to be too upset with the number since I’ve definitely “lost girth” as my husband puts it. Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about the number not moving!

You’ll have to excuse the finger prints and dog hair. So, according to the scale I have 83lbs of fat left on my body. However, my goal is lose 55.4 more lbs. The overall goal is to get to 160lbs, just so I don’t out weigh my husband anymore. Yes, he’s one of those that was blessed with a good metabolism and he runs 3-4 miles every morning, Monday-Friday. So, he can eat whatever he wants and not put on weigh. For example, I’ve seen him eat 7 pork chops in one sitting…I kid you not!

Ok, so what does this number mean? It means I lost 12.6lbs in a month!! That’s pretty good in my opinion! If I can keep it up, I’ll be below 200 in a couple of months…which is my first midterm goal. To celebrate, I decided to dress a little nicer than my normal jeans/casual look for work today.

This is my “I’m still tired, please take the picture without acting all goofy” look! hahahahaha…..Happy Tuesday!