The Hamster Wheel


Tonight’s workout was the typical walk 4 mins/run 1 minute. I ended up going a little over 2 miles in 36 minutes. Told ya I wasn’t fast! Since we get home so late and don’t really have a good place to workout around the house, I always use the treadmill in our garage. Sometimes I think it might be more interesting if we had a big wheel like hamsters do. You could really get some speed going…and if you fell, you’d get a bit of a roller coaster ride too!

I felt pretty good. I didn’t get any shin splints this go ’round, but I could feel my lower shin (left leg) just by the ankle start to get a little tight at points. Nothing that a little stretching afterward couldn’t help! Today starts my second week eating Paleo style as well. The first week went alright. I was craving the carbs, but once I got the refined sugars and flour out of my system it got better. I asked Shane what I should eat after an intense workout like CrossFit and he said “Don’t eat a salad since that’s made up of mainly water. Eat some good, hearty vegetables. And don’t just eat a chicken breast, eat a whole chicken!”. In other words, get a good meal in. I’ve also been reading (in The Paleo Diet for Athletes) that it’s important to eat a majority of your higher Glycemic Load fruits and veggies after a workout because your body will use them more efficiently and can use them to replace any lost glycogen stores lost during the workout (If I remember that correctly).

So, for dinner tonight I had some berries (blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries), a chicken breast and some asparagus.  I was quite stuffed afterward. I’ve gotten to where I just don’t have much room for food after I workout. I’m also finding that my calories are much lower now that I’m going Paleo, but I’m ok with that for now. I’ll be interested to see any changes in my stamina, attitude, and physique after a month of eating this way.


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  1. Sounds like a yummy dinner. It was probably pretty colorful, too. I know it’s hard enough to not be bored running on a treadmill at the gym with a tv, I can’t imagine being in my garage. How else to entertain yourself except imagining yourself as a hamster? Funny image. Have a great day!

    • Fortunately, I do have a tv up in the garage…and since we got a fancy blue ray player for Christmas from the parents, the old DVD player is out there too. But, I still get bored on the treadmill! I don’t like watching the tv too much because I have to look up, which makes me feel like I’m going fall off the treadmill.

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