Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks?


I have a confession, I stayed up past midnight reading a book. Yes, sleep is important but so is learning what happens to the Sinsar Dubh and Mac!! I was feeling alright as the afternoon went on, but tonight’s workout made me feel quite weak. I have a couple of hypotheses on that…ok…so what did today’s workout entail?

My hamstrings were extremely tight and sore from Tuesday’s workout, so starting with a tabata of the boot strapper was a bit painful! The boot strapper is a stretch where you bend down and hold on to the toes of your shoes, then squat down where your but hits your ankles and the knees are outside of the arms. Then you stand up still holding on to your toes until your legs are straight and you’re bent all the way over. At first, this made my hamstrings scream a little bit but they loosened up…then the quads started burning! Who would have thought a stretch would be that tough to do tabata rounds? Then we moved over to practicing the muscle-ups by putting our feet on a box, leaning back and pulling ourselves on the rings with your chest toward the ceiling. That was quite hard. I am constantly reminded of how little upper body strength I have when we do exercises like this.

The WOD, “Elizabeth”, was 3 rounds for time. 1st round was 21 reps of each exercise, followed by 15 reps, and then 9 reps. We did a new lift today, at least new for me. It was a squat clean. Basically, you do a clean and go straight into a squat. I used a 45# bar while the recommended weight for a woman is 95#. OUCH. It’ll be a while before I get there. I’m not very good at the squat clean. The biggest issue was me not getting my elbows out far enough which was forcing me to lean forward instead of staying on my heels. Eventually, I just had to do the clean, then squat…had to have a little rest in between. I felt weak doing these. I think the main issue was the fact that my lower back and hamstrings were still very sore and I think they fatigued faster. Then again, maybe I was just a wuss today because I stayed up too late. Hopefully next time I’ll do better. I am a little disappointed in my performance, but we can’t be happy all the time.

The ring dips were more jumping presses than actual dips. We were trying to work the triceps better than the lower bar dips allow. Shane kept telling me to go straight up…I didn’t realize I was leaning until he griped at me. All in all, it was an off night. It was very cold outside, but I was sweating my butt off in the building. I think the lack of air circulation makes me sweat more. It also causes me to get overheated a bit. After the workout was done, I finished in 13:35 by the way, I cooled down a bit before going outside. Soooo, when I went outside I froze my butt off! I had been sweating so bad that I was still wet and the cold wind didn’t help!

All in all, I got my butt kicked by “Elizabeth”, learned a new lift, and burned some calories!


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    • I was reading the last book in the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. It’s a paranormal/fantasy series that a friend turned me on to last year. I had been waiting for the last book for over 8 months and I finished it in 2 days!

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