Bright Blue Day!


This morning I went with my husband to get a painting framed at Aaron Brothers. After spending more money than I cared for on this particular painting (but, it’s his thing…so more power to him) we walked around the Woodlands Town Market area for a little bit. The weather was still a bit cool, but the sky was clear and bright blue. It was a beautiful day! After going to Luke’s Locker and Sur la Table we were going to get some breakfast, but nothing was open yet. I was fine with that since I had already eaten some cherries and nuts for breakfast. We said goodbye and Mike went to his parents’ while I went to Tamarac Park. It had been over a week since I’ve done any walking/running. I just got out of my routine and became a little lazy.

By the time I got to the park it had warmed up enough not to wear my jacket. I think it was about 50 Degrees. There weren’t nearly the number of people I had been seeing at the park lately. Could it be people already giving up on New Year’s Resolutions? I decided to do things a little differently today though. In the past I had been alternating walking for 4 minutes and running for 1. This time I decided on focusing on walking fast without running. I shortened my stride and really tried to move my feet as quickly as I could. Yes….I’m pretty sure I looked like one of those power walkers except I didn’t shake my hips! I also found if I did a wog (not quite a walk and not quite a jog) I could go for longer than a minute without getting too out of breath. I ended up finishing 3.69 miles in 54:50. So, while it wasn’t a great improvement, I do believe it was faster than what I had been doing. I think I was tiring myself out on my runs which then made my walk slower. I’ll try this strategy again over this next week to see if I want to change my race strategy or go back to the walk/running plan.

After my walk, I went to James Avery to pick up my bracelet and made a pit stop at Best Buy. I am getting tired of holding my phone while I do my route because I always forget my running pocket (think fanny pack but smaller). So, I had decided to get an Ipod Shuffle since it has the clip on it and is quite small. However….I walked out with this:

I can hear people now…”Tammy and her gadgets”! My Brother and Sister-in-Law had given me a Best Buy gift card at Christmas that I had been saving for who knows what. I spent a while looking at the nano vs the shuffle and decided I’d rather have a screen. With the shuffle you can’t see which playlists you want to choose. I think they have a voice command thing where it talks to you, but it would just seem faster to be able to see it. Plus, instead of 2 gig the nano has 8 gig (or 16 if you choose). Once I got home I filled it up with music and I’m looking forward to using it on my next walk.

In other news, Carrie @ Family Fitness Food gave me the Stylish Blogger Award! Thanks, Carrie! When I started this blog it was for myself, for me to keep track of what I’m doing and try to keep myself accountable. I am so pleased to have met so many great people/bloggers through this community!

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