I’m Melting….Slowly


My official weigh in/measure day is Tuesday 1/25/2011. Since I’m normally pressed for time on weekday mornings, I’ve decided to do my measurements and pictures today. I’m still not seeing much of a difference in my before and after pictures, but today my measurements are definitely showing improvement! I knew I had to have lost some girth since I’m not able to fit into a size 16 pants (a little snug). So…let’s see how I’ve done. My last measurement day was 12/22/2010.

Dates: 12/22         1/23

Bust:   42.75        42.25

Waist:  39             38.75

Hips:   49              47

Calf:    19.5            18.5

Thigh: 28.5           28

Bicep:  15.25       14

Neck:  14.25        13.75

Wahoo!! I lost .5 inch off my bust, .25 inch off my waist (would have liked more), 2 (TWO!!!) inches off my hips, 1 inch off my calves, .5 inch from my calves (most stubborn place!), .5 inch from my thigh, 1.25 inches from my arms and .5 inch from my neck. That’s a total of 6.5 inches lost in a month. I am very happy with this! Ok, pictures. We’ll start with the before and after (dec – jan) in my green shirt then show the photos in my exercise top (tight clothes show more…more than I care for sometimes!).

My camera puts squares around the areas that it is focusing on when you’re trying to focus on a subject. Mike said I had two squares on my tush, one on each cheek, on that last picture! hahahaha…not sure what that means!

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