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Summer Sausage


This weekend I had 6 miles scheduled for race training. The walk went really well. In fact, I finished a 5K in 49:38, which was the fastest so far. Unfortunately, my blisters started coming back. However, I think I’ve figured out why I keep getting them. My shoes do not allow my feet to breathe, which causes them to sweat quite a bit. When my feet get sweaty, they get soft, which I think then leads to the blisters. So…I need to either find shoes that allow better airflow or better wicking socks.

The weather was about 80 but absolutely gorgeous. It got a little warm but when the breeze started blowing, it was much better! So, I have a confession to make. Last night I had several drinks that I shouldn’t have. I also had too much salt. That mixed together with a long walk meant trouble for my hands. My hands and feet got so swollen that my fingers looked like little summer sausages! Thankfully, after drinking a couple of bottles of water they went back to normal.

I also made sure to weigh back in earlier to get the numbers from the bottom part of the scale. I left my camera at work, so I haven’t been able to do my progress picture update either, but I will tomorrow.

My body fat weight went down 4.4 lbs woohoo!! My body fat percentage also went down by 1.1 percent. I’m happy with those numbers. This month I’m going to try to be as strict as I was the first month to hopefully get below 200lbs. I also want to be down to at least 180 by the time I go babysit my nephews in November. So, I better get moving! I have 9 months to lose 30lbs. If I lose about 3.5lbs a month between now and then I should make it with no problem. However, if I lose 5.5lbs a month between now and then I’ll have reached my long term goal of 160!

Wish me luck!


Keep on Truckin’!


Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Today is my monthly weigh in day and I happy to announce that I’ve lost 6lbs since my last weigh in! While it’s only half of what I lost last month, I’m still very happy with the number. I had been eating horribly throughout the month and I was afraid I might not have lost anything.

I forgot to weigh where it shows all of the stuff on the bottom (BF Weight, BF%, etc) so I’ll probably weigh again tomorrow morning to see what those numbers where. Since today was the weigh and measure day I made sure to get my progress pictures this morning too. I haven’t had a chance to post a side by side (dadgum day job!) but here’s a frontal shot anyway!

My dogs love to be in these pictures for whatever reason but when I try to take a picture of them they run off…I don’t get it! Ok, so on to the measurements. While I was happy I had lost weight, I didn’t think that I would have lost any inches (figured it was water weight) but I did! I lost 2 1/2 inches! Woot!

Date: 1/23/11 2/25/11
Bust: 42.25 41.5
Waist: 38.75 38
Hips: 47 46.5
Calf: 18.5 18
Thigh: 28 28
Bicep: 14 14.25
Neck: 13.75 13.5

I gained a 1/4 inch in my arms and didn’t lose anything in my thighs, but I’m ok with that. They’ll budge and go the right direction eventually. Besides, I think I’m just going to have massive thighs as is. There seems to be a lot of muscle there. Of course, there would have to be to move 200+ lbs around on a daily basis!

***Edit*** Here is the side shot of comparison from January to February. I made it black and white because the color seems to play tricks on the eyes.



Tonight’s WOD was “Cindy”. Basically, AMRAP for 20 minutes of: 5 Kettlebell Swings (35#, was pull ups but didn’t have space), 10 Push Ups, 15 Squats and every 2 minutes we had to do 3 Deadlifts (95#). I was a little concerned about the 35# bar for the kettlebell swings, but with there only being 5 it wasn’t too bad. The deadlifts got a little heavy, but I was able to work out a nice pace where I just tapped the floor then lifted again. I was sweating like a pig!!


We started the day with practicing the Muscle Ups again. AJ was almost able to pull himself all the way up on his first try on the high rings. We also had 10 kips in the warm up. I didn’t do too well. My grip grew fatigued a lot sooner than I wanted it to. Eventually I’ll get it.

I ended up with 8 complete rounds. I was pooped by the end!! It was a good workout.

Food Doesn’t Have to be a Foe


Those of you who have been reading my blog know that I have an incredibly strong sweet tooth. I can’t help it…I was born that way! Unfortunately, this has gotten me in a bad position the past couple of “cheat” days on my weekends. However, it’s not just a temptation on the weekends…it’s all the time. I have been having to go into the kitchen at work every day this week and see this:

AND…this is only part of what was there originally! No, I didn’t eat the others. So far I’ve done pretty good in passing it up. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to nom down on the peanut butter cups and butterfingers. Did I mention how much I love Lemondrops? So, I take it a day at a time and hope I continue to make the wiser choice and leave the candy to everyone else.

When I got home, I was still craving sweets so I decided to eat a couple of blackberries. Unfortunately, my blackberries had grown afros…not cool.

Thankfully the blueberries were still in good shape!



The weather was 73 degrees today during my workout and I was burning up. I can’t even fathom how hot it’s going to be when it’s 95-100 degrees out there!

Today’s warm up was 10 push ups, 10 squats, 10 box jumps and a 200 meter run (done twice). The WOD also consisted of push ups, squats, and a run. Not fair!! hahaha…the WOD was tough. It was 4 rounds for time of: 10 Push Ups, 20 Squats (squatting to a med ball), 20 Dumbbell Snatches (25#), 10 Ring Dips, and a 200 Meter Run. I wasn’t looking forward to the push ups just because I’m not that good at them yet. This was the first time I’ve done the dumbbell snatches and I enjoyed them. I was a little nervous with the 25# weight, but once I learned how to do them properly while using the momentum it was a bit easier than I thought it would be. That doesn’t mean it was easy though! They were quite tough. I had to rest the most doing those (10 per arm). There were a couple of times I almost lost the dumbbell but thankfully I didn’t drop it on my head!


The run went ok the first round but my last 3 rounds were slow. On my last round Neil came out to finish it with me and push me to finish strong. He made the comment “Remember, if it sucks you’re doing it right!” I laughed at that…I’ll also have to remember it when I start feeling a bit down for being slow. My finish time was 26:13.

Walk in the Park


I had put off my race training yesterday because it looked like it was going to rain. This morning, I got dressed and headed to Tamarac Park. On my way there I encountered a little bit of a drizzle, but nothing I was too concerned about. Similar to the other weekend, I promised myself I’d read one chapter of my book before my workout and one chapter after the workout!

After having finished my chapter, I got out of the car and saw some threatening clouds. However, there were one or two blue spots peeking through so I was pretty sure I would make it through the workout without getting drenched by rain.

I was only scheduled to get in 8 miles. I started with a run. Unfortunately, I only made it .25 miles but I was running at a 9:00 pace (at least the couple of times I looked). I ended up walking the rest of the way. Instead of 8 miles I finished 9 miles. I was using Endomondo which is a GPS application on my phone which said I went 10 miles. I’m pretty sure the 9 miles was closer to true. My finish time was 2:20:23. I passed a few of the same people as on the walk the course. It’s always kinda nice to see familiar faces!

After my workout, I rolled my windows down and enjoyed another chapter in my book. However, by the time I got home my legs were incredibly stiff! There are only 5 weeks left until the 1/2 marathon!!

Motivational Tools


Today was supposed to be an 8 mile walk/run day but it looked like it was going to rain so I decided to put my workout off until tomorrow. I started the day with a haircut, which was badly needed. Then I headed to The Woodlands’ Market Street. When I got there, I noticed a small shop called The Cupcakery. Uh oh…Yep I gave in.

Bad Tammy…I know…and unfortunately, it wasn’t at all worth it. It was dry and tasted like a cupcake bought at Krogers. It was a fun little place though.

I did very well in my first month of eating Paleo and lost 12 pounds. Unfortunately, I’ve lost a little motivation to stay away from all unapproved foods because I had made my 30 day mark. Needless to say, my eating poorly 1 day a week for the past 3 weeks has led me to making poorer and poorer food choices. So, I decided to find another motivational tool. I found this adorable dress that is my goal size (final size).

Isn’t it beautiful!! I have big plans for this dress when I can fit into it. Now, I just have to figure out where I’ll wear it to! Tomorrow I’ll begin eating strict Paleo again. Time to get my eating back under control. I’ve let myself down, especially when I see the trend getting worse again. There’s a reason I was 250lbs at one time.