New Type of Workout


Tonight’s workout was a little different from the other workouts I’ve done so far. The warm-up started with football type drills where we had a “ladder” on the ground where we did different steps. Some of them were a little difficult for this uncoordinated person!

The WOD consisted of Squat Thrusters and Pull Ups. There were 3 rounds: round 1 was 15 squat thrusters (45#s), 15 pull ups; round 2 was 21 squat thrusters (40#s), 21 pull ups; the last round was 36 squat thrusters (35#s) and 36 pull ups. Each round of squat thrusters you were supposed to drop the weight down so you had the lightest weight at the end. It was tough, as they all are, but I felt a little better about today’s workout than the past two. I finished in 13:54, dripping sweat despite the 30 degree weather!

I decided to start wearing my road ID so if I pass out from lack of oxygen they have the emergency numbers! hahaha


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  1. My kids all play high schoolsoccer and ladders are part of the work outs. Those are not as easy as they look!

    Of courese with todays blizzard the only soccer they’ll be doing is on teh xbox.

    Nice Blog!

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