Oh, That’s Not So Bad


Shane was out of town today so Scott took over our class for the night. I was a bit nervous because I hadn’t worked out with Scott before and he seems much more intense than Shane, being that he’s a police officer I can see where that intensity comes from. Michelle and I walked in and saw the WOD was 10 rounds of 15 Front Squats and Push Ups. I said “oh, that doesn’t look so bad.” Well, I should have just kept my mouth shut.

The strength portion was Deadlifts. I was excited to see that because I’ve been wanting to do them again. This time I got up to 115#s when Scott called it quits. I think I may have been able to go up one more time, but that was probably it. We’ll find out next time!

I started the front squats with the 45# bar. It started getting heavy during round 2 and I was having some issues keeping my elbows up high enough to shelf the bar so Scott switched out the bar for the 35# bar. That was a little upsetting, but I’ll get there. We were supposed to squat down to the medicine ball, which I did fine for the first 5 rounds but then started squatting low but I didn’t feel the medicine ball so I wasn’t squatting low enough. In hindsight, I should have slowed down and made sure I touched the ball but I felt like I was getting pretty low. Scott didn’t gripe at me, so hopefully that means I was getting low enough. I started the push ups doing “competition style” push ups (go to the ground, lift your hands, and push back up) but after 2 or 3 rounds, I was getting sloppy with getting back up so I started doing modified push ups. I ended up finishing in 22:30.

Source: crossfittroy.com

After we were done we spent 5 minutes doing ab work. OMG…that was tough. 5 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, but it kills when you don’t have but a couple of breaks. Alaina, Michelle, and I stayed a little longer afterward to work on pull ups. Michelle almost got a full kipping pull up! I tried just a normal pull up with the black band (strongest band) but I couldn’t get very high. Of course, I don’t think I moved much at all!! Needless to say, it was very humbling.

So….I’ve come up with some new goals. Goal for February: Run a mile. I want to be able to run well during our WODs and I think if I could run a mile at about a 13-14 minute mile (at least) then I’d be able to do better on the running WODs. Goal for March: Do 1 pull up with the black band. Goal for April: Be able to do a handstand for 1 minute. Goal for May: Do 10 regulation push ups in a row. More goals to come!

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