Small Successes


Today was a run/walk day and since I get home late that means I had to use the treadmill in the garage. I made a goal of wanting to run a mile by the end of February. Well, I was able to run 5 mph for about 2 minutes. Yeah, I know…not even close to a mile! However, it’s a good starting point. Next time I’ll try to go 4 minutes. I walked for a while then ran a few more times at 4.5 mph. I felt pretty good. I could feel it in my shins, but I wouldn’t call them shin splints. They weren’t hurting like they’ve done before. I’m hoping that means they’re strengthening!

Before my run/walk I tried to hang a bit from Mike’s pull up bar. My shoulder popped, which was interesting. It didn’t hurt, just shocked me! I wasn’t able to hang very long. I need to work on my grip. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m trying to hold 215lbs up with just my hands!

On the way home from work I was having a tough time. I must be hormonal because I was getting teary eyed for no reason. I was also thinking quite negative thoughts, which I don’t like. One of my other goals is to be a more positive person and my thoughts tonight definitely weren’t moving me to closer to that goal. After my workout I was much better. I have no clue what triggered it, but I’m hoping it doesn’t come back any time soon!

And, just because I could use a little motivation, I’m including a picture of myself at my lowest weight (177) 7 years ago. After the wedding was over, I lost sight of my goal and put it all back on…sadly. Don’t ask what I’m doing. Mike told me to act like I was measuring something so he could get a picture of me. This was a huge truck with a drill that they used to create the cement pilings for our house.


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