Summer Sausage


This weekend I had 6 miles scheduled for race training. The walk went really well. In fact, I finished a 5K in 49:38, which was the fastest so far. Unfortunately, my blisters started coming back. However, I think I’ve figured out why I keep getting them. My shoes do not allow my feet to breathe, which causes them to sweat quite a bit. When my feet get sweaty, they get soft, which I think then leads to the blisters. So…I need to either find shoes that allow better airflow or better wicking socks.

The weather was about 80 but absolutely gorgeous. It got a little warm but when the breeze started blowing, it was much better! So, I have a confession to make. Last night I had several drinks that I shouldn’t have. I also had too much salt. That mixed together with a long walk meant trouble for my hands. My hands and feet got so swollen that my fingers looked like little summer sausages! Thankfully, after drinking a couple of bottles of water they went back to normal.

I also made sure to weigh back in earlier to get the numbers from the bottom part of the scale. I left my camera at work, so I haven’t been able to do my progress picture update either, but I will tomorrow.

My body fat weight went down 4.4 lbs woohoo!! My body fat percentage also went down by 1.1 percent. I’m happy with those numbers. This month I’m going to try to be as strict as I was the first month to hopefully get below 200lbs. I also want to be down to at least 180 by the time I go babysit my nephews in November. So, I better get moving! I have 9 months to lose 30lbs. If I lose about 3.5lbs a month between now and then I should make it with no problem. However, if I lose 5.5lbs a month between now and then I’ll have reached my long term goal of 160!

Wish me luck!


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