Let Me Go On…Like a Blister in The Sun…


While I really didn’t feel like working out today, I’m glad I did. The weather was gorgeous! It was a comfortable 56 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

Mike said I looked like a tennis player. I wore the shirt my cousin Kelly gave me for Christmas and some capris that I bought for CrossFit. One of these days I’ll be happy enough with my legs to wear actual shorts!

I have baggy knees…kinda odd looking! The walk was going pretty good so I decided to take a new path that I always wanted to try. I had no clue where it would go, but had 10 miles to explore as far as I wanted.

Unfortunately, you only walk about a tenth of a mile and it dumps you into a shopping center (to the left) or a resort (to the right) that I didn’t even know existed. So, I walked the parking lot a bit to get some more mileage then headed back the way I came. All in all I got about a 1/4 mile. About mile 6, a lady passed me with a whole pack of dogs. Each one of the dogs was on a leash but were running in their own spots so none of the leashes were getting tangled…nicely played Dog Lady!

I was feeling pretty good for most of the walk but once I hit mile 9 it got pretty tough. Thankfully, I was able to keep my mind off of the pains and get my mileage in. I finished my 10 miles in 2:45:10. If I kept at that pace I’d finish the half marathon in about 3:40 which is what my “test run” took. According to my Garmin I burned over 1100 calories…awesome!

About mile 2 I felt my blisters starting again, so by mile 9 they were hurting pretty good. I put a ton of body glide on my feet, but I think it made things worse than better. Last week my blisters didn’t start until the end of the walk.  When I got home, the first thing I did was take my shoes off. My right foot was the worst. I always get the blisters in the same spot. I thought by leaving the loosened skin on my foot it would give another layer of protection, but part of the skin tore off. Ouch.

Can you see the small blister on my pinky toe too? Yep…those are the typical spots where I get them. Unfortunately, the blister on the ball of my foot keeps getting bigger. I’ll probably take a weekend off of walking to help my feet heal better. I’ll also be buying moleskin and see if those helps at all. Blisters aside, it was a good walk today!


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