Misery Loves Company


I am quite tired right now. In fact, I’d prefer to take a shower and go to bed (yes, at 7:30!) than eat dinner.

We started the day with Handstands, L Sits, and Modified Pistols. I’m still very shaky on the handstands but I’m able to hold them for longer than before. I both enjoy and dislike them! Eventually, I’ll be able to get closer to the wall and stop shaking so much.

The WOD…oh the WOD…It was 3 rounds of Push Ups (on bars so you’d go below 90 degrees), Box Jumps, and Kettlebell Swings. Round 1 = 50 reps, Round 2 = 35 reps, Round 3 = 20 reps. I just did normal push ups since I wasn’t able to keep my form (back straight instead of swaying) if I went down too far. I was able to do just a few low push ups, but not very many. OMG…50 push ups sucked. My arms were so tired by the time I finished.

I’m still doing step ups for box jumps, I need to graduate to the box jumps but I’m scared! I won’t lie…it’s totally mental. I need to just suck it up and do it.

We actually have real kettlebells now instead of having to use dumbbells. I used a 25lb kettlebell since that was what I had been using previously. Just one problem with that…the most kettlebell swings I’ve ever done in a row was 20. I was doing OK on my time until I hit the kettlebell swings. It took me a long time to get those done. My arms were tired from the push ups and it took a little getting used to. My last two rounds found me even slower than before.

I wasn’t happy with my time (24:45) but I was happy I finished it with the same weight on the kettlebell instead of dropping down. After the first round I started getting a little hot and sick to my stomach. Thankfully, I kept my lunch down! After I finished, I went to sit outside. It was starting to rain, which felt great. Right now, my arms feel heavy and I have a feeling tomorrow they’ll be sore!

I tried a new fruit today too! Can you guess what it is?


Ok, yes it’s an orange…but not just any orange. It’s a blood orange.

I have to say the color was a little disconcerting. My brain kept thinking “it should be orange…not red.” Plus, the taste wasn’t what I had expected. Basically, it tasted like an orange with an odd aftertaste. Would I eat another one? Probably only if that was all left, but I won’t go out of my way to buy more.


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