It was another brutal day in the world of Tammy. We did Split Jerks as our strength. I got up to 85lbs but on my second lift I almost wiped my back out because my arms went too far back. Once I got it under control, I dropped the bar. I dropped back down to 65lbs to finish my last lift. So, that was a bit of a fail. I also broke my necklace…second fail of the night.

Then, our WOD was three rounds (21-15-9) of Burpee Box Jumps and Sumo Deadlift High Pull (45#). What are burpee box jumps you ask. Why, that would be a burpee that goes right into a box jump. They suck. As Michelle said, “I met the devil today. His name is burpee box jump.” I can get in about 10 good burpees before I start going downhill fast. This was also the first time I did box jumps in a WOD. Thankfully, I did ok with them. I was afraid once I got tired I’d trip myself up, but I did ok. I was the last one to finish at 15:30 which was almost twice what most of the others did, but so what. I finished it.

At the end Jennifer and I did three rounds of 15 sit ups and 15 back extensions on the GHB. That was the nail in the coffin for me. I was officially wiped out at that point. I kept falling asleep on the way home. Don’t worry…Mike was driving!

I’ve also been failing at my eating, so Michelle and I are starting another 30 day Paleo Challenge starting tomorrow. Whoop!


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