Shoulder Shred


Muscle up time again! We practiced our muscle ups for our skill training. I think I’ve got the general concept and form down, but not the strength. Hell, I can’t even do a normal pull up without the black band. We had a couple of new people there tonight. I know one guy is Jason but I didn’t catch the other guy’s name. Both of them were eager to learn and start.

The WOD was 5 rounds of 12 Kettlebell Swings (25#), 13 Push Presses (45#), 14 Sit Ups (Abmat) and a 100 meter run. Originally, it was supposed to be 6 rounds, but I think with all of us struggling a bit Shane didn’t think we’d finish in time so he changed it to 5 rounds when most of us were finishing round #3. I started with 65#s for the push presses, but my arms were so tired and sore (from the pull up challenge last thursday and last tuesday’s work out) that I had a really hard time getting the bar over my head. I was able to do 3, then I took the weights off so I could finish in a timely manner. The weights didn’t want to cooperate so I lost at least a minute (if not two) struggling with the damn things. However, 45#s is better than last time at 35#s! My throat was giving me some issues as well. I was making this very odd wheezing noise, which I’m guessing is from me sucking air and trying to get more oxygen.

I was finishing round 4 when most of the others were finishing round 5. As I came back in from my run Courtni was putting my stuff away. She had too much confidence in my ability to be done quickly! I asked her not to put the bar away…but she already had so I took Jason’s since he was finishing his sit ups and didn’t need it anymore. I was counting my push presses when Shane came up and asked how many I had left. As soon as he asked, the number I was on flew from my head. “Huh? Shit…I don’t know…um…6, I think….yeah, 6”. “6 it is!” He then stayed in front of me and pushed me to get them done. My arms and back were burning at this point.

I finished my last set of sit ups pretty quickly and did my 100 meter job (supposed to be sprint) but when I came back Shane had already turned off the timer. I know it said 20:30 when I did my last sit up, so I’m thinking I finished in about 22 minutes.


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