Yeah Buddy!


Since my legs are quite sore this evening from yesterday’s workout, I decided to foam roll ’em and take a soak in a hot tub. As I lowered myself into the tub, I could already feel the relaxation hitting. I was sitting there reading a book while I was waiting for the tub to fill the rest of the way up when I noticed something. My legs and hips weren’t touching the tub. There was actual SPACE between them!


Tonight’s non-scale victory was very sweet. For several years every time I sat in the tub the sides of my legs and hips would press against the tub, on both sides. In fact, I could actually let the water out of the tub and my legs/hips would create a tight enough seal that the water behind me would dam up and only drain once I crawled out of the tub.  Yeah, I realize this is probably TMI….but it is note worthy!


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