It feels like I’ve been gone for weeks but it’s only been 4 days. We started with Tabata Pull Ups. I suck…that’s all I have to say! I use the black band, but can only do straight pull ups instead of kipping pull ups because the band is so strong. I got 12 the first round, but that doesn’t matter. With Tabatas you take the lowest number and I think that was 1, if you can even count it as a pull up! Tomorrow I’m going to try to do some kipping pull ups with the green band.

The WOD was “Michael” but slightly modified. Instead of the prescribed 800 meter run, we did 600 meters. So, it was 3 rounds of a 600 Meter Run, 50 Back Extensions, and 50 GHB Sit Ups. My run was horrible, as usual, but I was able to make up some time on the sit ups and back extensions. 50 is a lot…a…lot when you’re doing them in a row like that. Plus, you try doing 50 back extensions and do a 600 meter run right afterward! It’s tough when your legs feel like jello. Shane had to cut off our workout at 30 minutes, although I’m not sure why since we still had some time. I finished my 3 runs and 3 sets of sit ups but didn’t finish the back extensions. I went and got some water and tried to catch my breath when I looked at the time and saw 5:45. I decided I had plenty of time to finish my last 50 back extensions (and I would have been upset with myself if I didn’t finish them) so I got back on the GHB and knocked them out. I’m not sure what my overall time was because of the break in between, but I would imagine it’s around 33-34 minutes.

source: teachpe.com


Every time I dropped down for my back extension I had sweat drop off my nose onto the floor. I wonder how much they spend on cleaning supplies for that gym. I’m hoping they clean it on a normal basis!


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