Some Link Love


I was catching up on my google reader earlier this morning and realized how much I missed reading some of these blogs! If you don’t currently read them, I would highly suggest you stop by and give them a look-see!

Elizabeth is candid and refreshing. I admire her moxie (love that word!). There aren’t many people that can make me laugh with only a 3 sentence blog post: My dog, the hippopotamus.

Cealy has a certain…way with words. You just have to check out her blog to catch my drift! I’m not much of one for following pop culture, but with her blog I feel like I’m completely caught up to date on the Royals and Housewives. She’s also a fellow Texan running in the 100+ degree sauna!

Nicole is always a source of inspiration. She is constantly pushing herself by putting herself in uncomfortable situations (Ironman? Hello!!). I also appreciate the fact that her blog reads like she’s just holding a conversation with you. She’s not afraid to say what she’s thinking and the race recaps are exciting! Almost makes me want to try a tri…almost.


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