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Are You Kidding Me?


3x3x3x3x3x3 (ending weight 185)

100 Burpees for time
Modified to 50
Completed 60 in 12:00

Shane caught up to me after our 400 meter warm up run and asked me how it was going. I explained that I can’t breathe well but will do what I can. They had a piece of paper covering the workout on the board so none of us would run away! So, Shane says “I’ll tell you what we’re doing” like it was some big secret with Cortni had already told us what it was! lol “We’re doing 100 burpees”…waits for my reaction…”Oh, wow…that’s a lot”. “So, what I want you to do is think of how many you think you can do and we’ll modify it to that.” I thought about it and decided 50 would be an impressive feat considering I usually run out of gas after 10-20. I told Shane I’d aim for 50 but would do more if I felt I could. All in all I ended up with 60. I thought about keeping going but I was dragging and I really didn’t want everyone in the gym watching me perform pathetic burpees. However, I’m a bit upset with myself that I didn’t push that aside and just do it. I think it would have taken me at least 20 minutes. I have my dilation coming up in a couple of months…at that time I will revisit this workout. If I have a good breathing day, I may revisit it earlier.

After it was over I washed my face and neck to cool off, then sat on a box for a bit. Once I was cooled down some, I went and sat on the floor to talk to the girls. I sat there for maybe 5-10 minutes then got up to get my phone. When I walked back over to them, I saw this:

Yep, that’s my ass print along with two sets of legs….niiiicce. Nothing like leaving your “ass sweat” on the mat. I tried to find a wipe to clean it up, but I couldn’t. Hope no one is doing burpees in that in the evening class! lol….


Muggy Run


Muscle Ups

4 Rounds
200 Meter Weighted Run (15#)
15 Kettlebell Swings (each arm 15#)
50 Mountain Climbers

Finished in 19:47

Our warm up started with a 400 meter run followed by 2 rounds of sit ups, push ups and squats. I was the last one coming in and was having a really tough time breathing. We had rain most of the day but the sun had come out about an hour before time for our workout, which created a very muggy atmosphere. There was an older gentleman who came back out and finished the run with me. Which was very kind. When we got inside everyone else was pretty much done with their warm ups while I was just starting sit ups. However, my emotions started running high and I was on the verge of crying. I was able to suck it up and hold it together, but I didn’t get the rest of the warm up in. I am so frustrated with not being able to breathe. My workouts suffer, I get highly anxious about what we’re going to do, I no longer look forward to the WODs because I know I won’t be able to compete with my previous times and…quite frankly, it’s embarrassing and humiliating. There were a lot of people there I hadn’t worked out with before who kept trying to cheer me on during the WOD (which I appreciated) but I know they have no idea what the hell’s wrong with me. Ok, enough of that…I go back to the doctor on August 23rd and will more than likely have my dilation a month from then, so I only have to deal with this for a couple more months. Once my throat gets stretched back out, I’ll be back in the game baby!

My shirt kept coming up during the mountain climbers, so I’d like to apologize now for any unnecessary flashing the others may have experienced! The kettlebell swings were easy. I should have used 25, but Shane told the girls to use 15 so I thought it may be harder than it was. Live and learn!

I decided to try out a new theme…what do you think? Too loud?

Saturday In The Park


I think it was the 16th of July….hahahaha…Howdy folks. Sorry for the late post.

Saturday morning I had to force myself out of bed. If I’m being totally honest, I was hoping to see an email from Clara saying that she wasn’t going to make it so I could go back to sleep! Alas, there was no such email. We met up by the Waterway and had a nice 3.77 mile walk. Since my breathing was pretty rough we kept it at a walk instead of a walk/run.

It was a nice morning out, albeit hot. While I hate getting up early on a Saturday, I would rather lose a little sleep than run in 100 degree weather. It’s all about sacrifices people! I came across a saying earlier today that made me laugh. I’m quite slow with an average pace of 16-17 minutes. This used to bother me, but not so much now.


Arm Ripper


Overhead Squats 5(45#) x 5(65#) x 5(75#)

21, 18, 15, 12, 9
Kettlebell Swings (25#)
Pull Ups (Green Band)
Finished in 15:16

Today’s workout was all arm, baby! It went pretty good. My pull ups were not very good. I had a hard time getting my kipping down right. But, I used the green band for the entire workout. During the process I rubbed the skin off the middle of my palm as well as ripped one of the calluses off. I got a blister on the other side that will rip next time.

Mine weren’t nearly as bad as the other girls’! They ripped during the last round or two and had to finish the WOD after getting taped up.

I think part of the reason my calluses don’t tear quite as badly is because I try to trim them down as they build up or file them down with a fingernail file. It seems to help keep the tears at bay for the most part. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop them completely. I was happy with how the workout went. However, I used a lighter kettlebell than I should have. When we were doing overhead squats my back was pretty tight and somewhat sore so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do 35# for the entire workout. Next time, no excuses.

When Mike and I got home we found Ruby still in her pen but the plastic tray outside the pen. Not sure exactly what she did but it looks like she tried to chew through the bottom so she could get out!

What’s the oddest thing your dog/pet has chewed up in your house?

More Leg


5 Rounds
5 Squat Thrusters (65#)
15 Box Jumps (sm box)

Finished in 11:12

Since my breathing has been tough lately I originally was going to go to the next sized (taller) box and just do step ups, as I’ve done before. However, I wanted to test myself and see if I could do the box jumps. I sometimes wonder if I don’t use my trouble breathing as an excuse with myself. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t breathe well and my workouts definitely take me longer because I’m constantly trying to catch my breath, but I want to make sure that I’m pushing myself and not choosing easier options just so I have a faster time. I’ve come to accept the fact that I’m going to be last at every workout. I would rather be last at finishing a tough workout than first to plant my butt on a couch to watch tv. I refuse to let my illness (if you want to call it that) get the better of me. The hardest part is the mental aspect. If I can push through that, then I’m gonna be ok. Wheezy, but ok!

AMRAP Rampage


Alright, I’ve decided to go back to posting the workouts on a daily basis. While I liked the week in review, I felt like I was abandoning my blog!

Warm up:
20 push ups
30 Squats
40 sit ups

Bottom Up Press (15# Kettlebell) 4 sets of 5

15 min AMRAP
4 Squat Cleans (65#)
8 Toes to Bar
12 Wallballs (12#)

Finished 5 rounds and 3 cleans

First, I have to say I was happy with my squat cleans. While I bottomed out and dropped the bar a few times because I wasn’t getting my elbows up, I was happy with how low my squat was. Plus, it was one fluid motion instead of doing a clean then dropping down into a squat. I tried to do the toes to bar using the kipping motion, but I started swinging too much. I lost a lot of time on those. The wallballs were ok. I find it more difficult to breathe when my head is turned up at that sharp of an angle, but I can’t catch the ball well if I step back further…so…I’ll just suck it up and do the best I can! My goal was to complete 5 rounds. I did that a little more.

Shane was trying to get one of us to commit to doing the reboot diet for 6-10 days. I have to say, it doesn’t look too pleasant to me. So, I’ll stick with Paleo (when I’m doing it. hahaha). The last few weeks, well maybe even months, have been poor as far as my diet is concerned. I’ll be going on vacation pretty soon and I know we won’t have Paleo friendly food so I’ve been using that as an excuse to eat crap now. Bad…bad Tammy. I need to do the best I can each day and if I slip up at one meal, not carry it over to the next…and the next…and the…well, you get the point. I am up 4 pounds again. Why can’t I commit to this and lose the last 40 lbs like I did the first 40? I’d even be happy to be in the 180’s right now. Ergh…no one to blame but myself. Get to it!

What a Great Weekend!


This Saturday morning I drug my butt out of bed at 6AM to get ready to meet the girls for a run. Kelly was having a migraine so she wasn’t able to make it. Clara was competing in a Sprint Tri on Sunday so she was going to ride her bike instead of run. It was very tempting to tell Clara that I was just going to stay home (and sleep!) but I made myself go.

We met up at Falconwing park where I followed the green belt trails for what I thought was a 4 mile trek. Turns out, the trail was only 3 miles. However, it was extremely hilly! This caused me to go a bit slower than usual. I enjoyed the fact that the whole run was almost covered in shade. So, while it was still hot it wasn’t too bad.

Clara got several miles in on her bike. We both were a bit sweaty! I headed to CrossFit Point Break, where Clara currently goes, for a free foam rolling presentation by one of the guys from Airrosti. There were quite a few people there. My first impression was “Wow”. Everything was so neatly organized and the layout was great. The Owner/Coach was pretty “wow” too! Just think, extremely tan and bright blue eyes! Justin was extremely knowledgeable and kind. He took time after the presentation to talk to me a bit, which I appreciated. I also met Blake, another CFPB coach. While I didn’t get to talk with him too much, he seemed like a pretty cool guy too. I really enjoyed the box and the people. Maybe I’ll go by one day when they’re having an open WOD to check it out further. OH…they also have Harley, an adorable French Bulldog (in picture below).

Mike and I went out to dinner Saturday about 4:30 at Goose’s Acre on the Woodlands’ Waterway. We ended up walking a little over a mile after dinner to let our food digest some. So, while I didn’t get 4 miles in that morning I did get over 4 for the entire day. That has to count for something! When we got home I did a little digging to see if I could somehow upload my Garmin run data into my Nike+ profile. I wanted to put all of my mileage in one spot, plus I like Nike’s site. Fortunately, I came across this post that allows you to do just that! So, after spending quite a bit of time moving entries over, I have most of my mileage accounted for! There are a few runs that I didn’t have recorded because I forgot my Garmin, but hey…we can all be perfect! I do have my 1/2 marathon practice run and my actual Angie’s Half Crazy 1/2 Marathon in there now.

Today, I went by Fleet Feet in Spring and picked up a little somethin’ somethin’. I originally was going to get the Nike GPS Sportwatch, but based on some of the reviews I’ve read I decided to go with the Garmin 610. After all, I can still upload my runs into Nike!

Can’t wait to see how it does on the road this next Saturday. I had been using a Nike GPS app on my phone, but I broke my previous phone by using it on my workouts…so now I’ll just use this and my nano (for music).

How was your weekend?!