I’m here because it’s time to put away the flab and bring out the fab! Ok, so that was cheesy, but you catch my drift. I was a thin child until I hit about 10 years old. My mother put me in dance classes and anything else she could think of to keep me active. Including the Rams Sweethearts.

Just a side note, the Rams are my husband’s favorite football team. How fortuitous is that?! I have a picture of him about the same age I am here with a Rams jersey for his school picture. He’d kill me if I posted it here, so I’m not going to.

In anycase, I had a few “skinny” periods where I had lost quite a bit of weight. The first one was when I was about 19 years old. I was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome) and started on several medications. These medications caused the weight to fall off.

However, as is common, my body got used to the medication and the weight came back on. My second “Skinny” period was when I got married. I weighed about 230 pounds when I first met my husband.

I started the Atkins diet and got down to 182 pounds for our wedding day (6 months later).

That didn’t last long either. The main problem was I lost it eating incorrectly and didn’t do enough to keep the weight off once the wedding was over. I was back up to 245 about a year and a half after our marriage.

In the past year I got down to about 225-230 pounds, which is where I am now (Dec 2010).

I’m hoping to add another after picture here of my final “skinny” period. However, I’m looking at it more as a healthy period!


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