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Learning to Let Go


Yesterday afternoon (about 3) the family made the choice to remove my Grandpa from the respirator. It was a hard decision but the right one (the one Grandpa would want). They believe he suffered a stroke on Saturday and is now not able to move his right side. He’s not reacting to anyone when off sedation, is in great pain when awake, and has MRSA.  He has lived a full life of 89 years and his poor body is so tired and broken down. I love him dearly and will miss his lively stories!

7/9/1921 – 1/11/2011


Four Mile Day


My Dad came to stay with us Friday night for the weekend. He left about 5:30 this morning to get back to the hospital for a meeting with Grandpa’s doctors. Saturday we went to Tamarac Park for a workout. This Saturday my training schedule called for a 4 mile walk/run. We had a great time! The weather was about 57 degrees, which is almost perfect. We ended up going 5 miles in about 1:15. Our average pace was 15:43 and our fastest pace was 10:34..woohoo!!! I think if I keep going at this pace I’ll be able to finish the 1/2 marathon in under 4 hours, so that is now my goal. Since “under 4 hours” is rather broad we’ll make it to finish in 3:45!

After our workout we went to eat at Carraba’s. Carraba’s is not Paleo friendly but I was able to make some requests and modifications to make it work. I was also able to go say hi to my friend Amanda at James Avery. It was good to see her again. Finally, we went to my Uncle Eric’s house to visit with him and his family for a while. So, we had a full day. I always enjoy spending time with my Dad. Since they moved to NC I don’t get to see them very often. Right now Mom is snowed into their house up there. I will be more than happy to let her keep the snow!

Keeping My Fingers Crossed


I picked my Father up from the airport today then headed to the hospital to see Grandpa. The nurses had lessened his sedation so he’d be a little more alert once Dad got there. He looked so much better than I had expected. In fact, he was able to respond to our questions with a very small nod or shake and at one point he even had a slight smile when Dad was joking with him.

The Doctor said that he has a blood clot in his leg and lung but they’re hoping the blood thinner will allow the clots to stay where they are so the body can break them up. His kidneys are functioning better as well. After a little while they had to up his sedation again because his breathing was getting too labored.

The visit lifted my spirits and gives me a some hope that he may pull through this. The Doctor said he’s still critically ill, but he’s doing better than he was Tuesday when they said he wasn’t going to pull through. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he keeps improving!

Goodbye 2010


Lately I’ve seen several blog posts that refer to New Years Resolutions. I gave up resolutions a little while back. In order to change my life and be a healthier person, that’s something I need to work on day after day, year after year. I do have goals, don’t get me wrong, but resolutions to me are things that people come up with when the excitement of the new year is here then forget about as time goes by.

2010 has been a mixed year. My husband and I were blessed with how well we were able to save up money and get some things paid off (like our truck!). However, I lost my Grandmother and will soon be losing my last Grandfather. My Grandfather is 89 years old and had just celebrated his 59th wedding anniversary this month. Yesterday he was found in the bathroom, not breathing. My Uncle Tim was able to give him mouth to mouth until the ambulance got there. Come to find out he has pneumonia and the fluid was restricting his heart. Last night, according to the doctors,  it was just a matter of getting the fluid removed. This afternoon I got the news that he’s not doing well and will more than likely not pull through this. He has a blood clot in his lung that they can’t remove, due to his age. So, now I’m in the same position I was in at the end of September…waiting for a loved one to pass on. I don’t which is hardest: having a family member pass away suddenly without a chance to say goodbye or having them hang on while you watch them go but being able to let them know they’re loved.

Compared to many of my friends, I have been extremely lucky in the Grandparent category. My Great Grandmother was part of my life until she passed away when I was 14. How many people get 14 years with a Great Grandparent? I am close to all of my Grandparents and didn’t lose my first one until I was 28. So, I am thankful for all of the time I’ve had with them.

Here’s hoping 2011 brings new/better changes!

Today’s the Day


I started my new diet today. Although, I guess I should call it “nutrition lifestyle” instead of diet. Basically, I’m in the process of cutting out all processed foods, breads, rice, and grains from my diet. Being that I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), I am supposed to be eating a very limited amount of carbs. Most people with PCOS also have insulin resistance (and I do) which can be brought on by a diet high in refined carbs. That describes my diet most of my life. I never liked vegetables, so I never ate them…other than green beans. Cakes, candy, cookies…mmmm…I could live on sweets alone. Unfortunately, the sweets were reeking havoc on my system.

Earlier this year I went to my well woman exam and they did blood work. I just knew it would come back saying I was a type 2 diabetic…or at least a pre-diabetic. My diet had been poor for so long that I figured it was just a matter of time before it caught up with me. Luckily, the results came back A-OK except for a couple of things. My hormone levels were a little out of whack (thanks to PCOS) and I had too much yeast in my system. The doctor had told me to cut out all foods with yeast. Have you seen what all has yeast in it? EVERYTHING!! So, I said “sure sure” and went on about my business.

I had been eating decently this past year. My main concern was watching calories instead of the types of food I was eating. I’m finally starting to realize just how fragile life/health is and that it needs to be taken care of regardless of how “hard” it may be. So, that’s what lead me to where I am today. I’m already craving carbs! It will probably take a while before those cravings are gone, but I’ve kicked the cravings before so I’ll do it again. My main hope is that this will help me get my hormone levels back to normal and in the meantime help me lose some weight as well!

This past weekend I went to Shreveport to celebrate my Grandparents’ (Dad’s side) 59th wedding anniversary. I had a blast. I forgot all about exercise and eating correctly. We had rich, calorie/sugar laden foods and plenty of high calorie drinks. While I probably gained a couple of pounds (after that pecan pie…mmmm) but I’m not going to beat myself up for the way I ate. I knew I was starting the new way of eating today, so I enjoyed my refined carbs while I could.



Well, it’s Friday and normally that makes me a very happy person. I have some good news and some bad news. First…the good news:

Yep…I lost a little weight since last week! 2.2lbs to be exact. Things are moving in the right direction so far.

Now, the bad news…One of my favorite women in my family has passed away. My Grandmother had a stroke back at the start of this year and as a result was put into a permanent care facility. She had her ups and downs but lately seemed to be doing a little better (in the grand scheme of things). On Wednesday night she went into Septic Shock and was taken to the emergency room where she crashed. The doctors were able to resuscitate her, but they had to sedate her because she kept trying to pull out the ventilator and other various tubes. Her blood pressure was so low the cuff wouldn’t read it, so they had to put a line in her groin to get an accurate measurement.

The doctor gave her a 50/50 chance of pulling through the attack on her system, but even if she lived she would have some complications. Her children decided it was best to sign a Do Not Resuscitate in the event that her heart went out. She would not want to live on a ventilator, if that’s what you would call it. She held on about 48 hours.

I don’t know which is worse, losing a loved one suddenly and without notice or to know they’re going to pass away and see it coming. Both are hard. Death is hard. I hate that we all watched as my Grandmother slowly wilted away until her heart couldn’t support her any longer. Thankfully, I was able to let her know that I love her. She knew her kids loved her very much as well. She will be greatly missed.

Wash and Dry


Today was a beautiful day! I met Danie for coffee at Starbucks and enjoyed some good conversation. It was such a nice day that I decided we (my husband and I) needed to go do something. We went to eat at Buca Di Beppo (yuummmm) then went looking for bikes. I found one at Academy that wasn’t too bad, but the tattooed, head shaved, built gangster types that came to the bike area was giving me a hard time about it. I’m sure it was all in jest, but I decided to just get out of there.

We walked around the Portofino shopping center. It was nice to just walk around and enjoy the weather. Once we got home, I decided it was time to give the dogs a bath. So, we got all of the bath stuff together and brought up the unsuspecting dogs!

You can tell how much my dogs love grooming:

Ruby was the first to get her bath. She did pretty good but went a little spastic otherwise. She wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to get a picture of her!

Ellie acted like I was beating her when she got her bath. After she was done she kept rubbing herself against the garage and deck bars. I can’t blame her. She has a TON of loose hair (undercoat) that I’m sure itches.

Just to prove my point, here’s the hair that I was able to brush and rake off of her. There is still plenty left to clean up once she dries more too.

This is my absolute favorite  dog grooming tool. I don’t know what it’s called but I call it the rake. It gets out all of the loose hair that the brush misses.

After I finished with the dog bathing, Mike had a surprise for me. He had found me a bike!

This is a 10 speed that someone dumped in our ditch and has been sitting in a bunch of water for months. It was actually in much better condition than I thought.

I’m off on Tuesday, so I’m going to stop by the Bike Lane and see what they have to offer! Ok, I’m itching (thanks to dog hair) and need to clean up. Tomorrow is normally a rest day, but I may get a workout in anyway.