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New Blog Address


Please join me at my new address!



Feelin’ Good


Tomorrow is my official weigh in day where I’ll post my numbers as well as progress photos but I was feeling good today and decided I should take a picture of me in my everyday clothes each month as well. Uncharacteristically, I woke up in a good mood today. Of course, I was tired but not as grouchy as I normally am. Mike knows to just let me do my thing in the mornings and tries to stay out of my way the best he can! I just feel like today is going to be full of blessings…and I hope I’m not wrong. We’ll find out in a few hours, won’t we?!

I really like this shirt too. It’s several years old but not well worn. It’s made out of some sort of fabric that shows my belly bulges a little too clearly for me at times! Since I’m down to the smallest I’ve been in a couple of years (not sure how many exactly) I finally feel confident to wear it more often. Of course, belly still makes its appearance when I sit down…but whose doesn’t?! Mike took this picture for me at work. Then he told me to spin…so I did. This was the outcome.

I normally would have deleted this photo but I decided what the hell! Have a great Thursday everyone!

Ringing in the New Year


Today’s walk/run went well. It was 59 degrees outside, which is just about perfect in my opinion. I went to Tamarac Park, which is one of my favorite places to exercise since the loop is 5K and it’s not very crowded. I ended up going almost 3.4 miles in about 55. I alternated walking for 4 minutes and running for 1. I was trying my best to do Pose running…but could tell when I was getting out form. It seems that I go faster using that form that normal…which makes sense since I’m not putting the breaks on by heel striking.

This morning I tried to go by Luke’s Locker to look for some low profile shoes for CrossFit but they weren’t open. The only note on the door said “We will be closing at 3 today. Happy New Year!”. Would have been nice to have another that said “Closed New Year’s Day”. So, I went to Borders to pick up a book. They had The Paleo Diet for Athletes. I don’t consider myself an athlete, but this book is supposed to be the best for people doing Paleo while training for endurance performance. I also picked up the Calorie King updated book for carb counts and a new water bottle that was 75% off ($3!!).

After my walk I went to look for low profile shoes elsewhere. I didn’t have much luck but did find some decent New Balance shoes at DSW, so I picked them up. I probably should have gotten a 1/2 size larger, but my feet may just be a little swollen from today’s workout. We’ll see how they go. Plus…they’re rather cute!

I went grocery shopping and bought all of my food on the perimeter of the store. That’s the first time I’ve ever done that! Woot!! Eating fresh and clean! I was also able to find some Nitrate/Nitrite free sausage. Score! Since today is 1/1/11, that means I need to start unloading some of my clutter. So….what’s the first item to be removed from the premises?

That’s right….it’s not 1 but 3 things! A Lava Lamp I got at Christmas (white elephant exchange), a leopard looking vase, and a vase with a fake orchid and rocks. They will be taken to work to see if anyone wants to vases…if not, they’ll be tossed. Woohoo!!

On the Road


I’m at the park getting ready for my first workout of 2011. Happy New Year!

I had a nice post typed up but the new WordPress app for my phone kicked it out, so I typed it again and the app did the same thing. So, I’m thinking it doesn’t like uploading pictures…which needs to be fixed. In anycase, I’m making this post short and sweet and letting the world know I am not happy with WordPress’ Windows Phone app. *Hurumpf*

Ok, off the get my miles in. I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful day!

One Little Word


I popped onto my Google reader this morning to check out my bazillion blogs I look through and saw a posting by Calli on her blog “Make it Do“. Ali Edwards was her inspiration last year to get her “doing” going, if that makes any sense!

After reading both of the blogs above, I sat down and thought about it. What word would be my word for this year? I’ve always had what my husband calls my “watch word”, which is persevere. This is as true today as it was yesterday. However, it was more fitting for my time in school when I was just trying to get through the whole thesis writing obstacle course for my masters degree. There were many times I was ready to throw in the towel and quit. I’m not a quitter by nature. (Which is obvious in how loyal I’ve been to my chocolate! hahaha…gotta love diets.) I am normally able to set a goal and stick with it through the end. My masters degree was proving to be an extreme mental challenge and the obstacles I faced almost did me in. But, I persevered. My husband reminded me over and over of my watch word, and I truly believe that helped. So, in a way my husband chose my word for those two 1/2 years.

This year, I need to a new “watch word” to reflect the person I want to become in 2010. So, here it is: Transformation.

Not only do I want to transform my attitude (which has been kinda crappy lately) but I am on a track to transform my lifestyle. I’m starting to make healthier choices for food and spirit. It’s time I treated my body with love and respect.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope as the year 2010 goes on you will start to notice the changes I’m making in myself!