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A Short CrossFit Week


I normally try to go to CrossFit on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. This week I skipped the workout on Monday because my legs/hips were still sore from Sunday’s run/walk. It’s important to let your muscles recover, so I decided to take an extra day. While this week was short, CrossFit wise, the workouts were still brutal!

Tuesday 9/20

3(135#) x 3(185#) x 3(205#) x 3(215#)

4 Rounds
400 Meter Run
12 Power Cleans (75#)
20 Kettlebell Swings (35# 1st round, 24# rest)
Finished in 25:23

Didn’t modify the run! Shane (my coach) is blown away by the fact that he can’t hear me wheezing anymore! Hope it stays that way for a while. My back was shot from doing the deadlifts before the WOD. My max on deadlifts is 235#, so I was happy with my weight! My time wasn’t very good, but given the fact that I run/walk a mile in about 16:30, it’s not that bad! This workout had me sore for a couple of days. In fact, my lower back is still a little sore today.

Back Squat
3(75#) x 3(95#) x 3(105#) x 3(115#)
squat to 12″ box:
3(75#) x 3(95#) x 3(105#) x 3(105#)

AMRAP 10 Mins
5 Push Press (75#)*** update, it was only 65#. Now I’m not so stoked.
10 Over Bar Burpees
4 Rounds and 5 Burpees into round 5

Cool Down:
Partner abs
10 rounds each of GHD Sit Ups. Partner holds plank while other person does sit ups.

Oh My Goodness…this was hard! We were supposed to do bear crawls but there were too many people/bars that we didn’t have room to do them, so we cut the time down some and added abs at the end. I was happy with my push press weight. My push press max is 95# so I was lifting about 80% of my max. ***UPDATE*** I dropped down to a 35# bar because the 45#s left had grips that tear your hands up. So, I actually only did 65#. The things I think of when in the shower. Afterword, my arms were hurting quite a bit. I was a little worried that maybe I had pulled something but I think it was just because this was the most I’ve used for push press in a WOD. They’re feeling better now! We’ll see how they are tomorrow.

Saturday brings on an 8 mile run/walk with the girls. According to my marathon training, I should be doing 3/2 intervals (running 3, walking 2 mins). Last week I did 1/1 for a mile then 2/1 the last 4 1/2 miles. So, this Saturday I will attempt to do the 3/2 and see how that goes!




Today started day 1 of our benchmarking at CrossFit. On the roster:

Push Press (95#)

Power Clean (105#)

Back Squat (175#)

I started with Push Press. This was an experience! I tried to do my max with 105# but I couldn’t get my arms all the way straight. In fact, I was losing control of the weight and since it was going backward, I just plopped it down on my shoulders. Stupid? yes…Painful? A little bit….Everything was ok? yep. So, I dropped back down to 95# and maxed there. This was up 10# from last time, but not as much as I wanted. I wanted the 105#. My partner, Sunny, kicked ass! She is such an inspiration.

Next was the Back Squat. We don’t do back squats very often. In fact, the last time I did them that I can remember was when we maxed out the last time. I went up 20#, which was a 10% increase. I would have liked to have done at least 200#. Again, not what I wanted, but still happy with the increase.

Last we did the Power Clean. My max with the clean was 105# and that’s what I got again this time. I was pulling the bar high enough, I just couldn’t get myself to squat under it. It’s definitely a mental thing. My other issue is that I’m not very flexible in my arms so I have a difficult time getting my elbows up. If you can’t get your elbows up you won’t be able to support the higher weights!

All in all, I’m pleased with the increases but still a little let down. Tomorrow is the final day of benchmarking. I’m not sure what we’re doing but Shane said we were doing some other “moves” (I assume deadlift) and some body weight work (how many push ups in a minute type thing). I’m sore tonight and I imagine will be sore tomorrow. We’ll see!

Shame Shame


Back Squats
6 (65#) x 6 (85#) x 4 (105#) x 4 (115#) x 2 (125#) x 2 (145#, only did 1)

5 Rounds:
20 Overhead Weighted Lunges (10#)
20 Walking Push Ups

I didn’t finish in the 25 min time limit, did 7 walking push ups into 5th round. I finished the last 13 at home.

Ok, today’s workout was tougher than it looks. The lunges weren’t too bad. Since they were overhead weighted lunges my arms got really tired between the lunges and walking push ups. The part that really killed me were the walking push ups. If you don’t know what that is, basically you bend at the waist and start with your hands by your feet on the ground, then you walk your hands out until you’re in a push up position, do a push up, walk your hands back to your feet and stand up. That’s one. I only had about 10 seconds left when I pulled the plug. Normally, I would have kept pushing and finished regardless of whether I went past time. Today, I wussed out. I stopped with 13 more walking push ups to go. Those 13 felt like 100 at the time.

I’m not proud of myself. I should have pushed through it and finished it. When I got home I did the last 13, but it’s not the same. All the rest of the people were done before me which made it a bit uncomfortable. Oh well…suck it up cupcake. Next time I will finish the WOD (if time allows so I won’t interrupt the next class) regardless of how tired and hot I am. There’s no excuse for quitting.

I had planned on going back tomorrow to hit my 3 days at the gym, but I’m going to have to see how my body feels. It hit 100 degrees today…ouch. Gonna be a hot hot summer.

Don’t Poke the Bear



The Bear Complex:
5 Rounds of 7 reps (55#)
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

Every time you set the bar down between reps you had to do 3 burpees. You can rest as long as needed between rounds.

Today’s WOD wasn’t timed, but I think I finished around 20 minutes. All I have to say is ouch. That was hard. I definitely have bruises on the back of my neck from dropping the bar too heavily to go into the back squats. I also know my squats weren’t probably deep enough toward the last couple of rounds. My front squats really suffer when I get tired and I’m pretty sure that’s because my elbows drop which makes me want to lean forward instead of stay on my heels. That’s definitely something I need to work on. The good news? I didn’t have to do 1 burpee! Yes…

It was 100 degrees here today and I felt quite overheated between the last few rounds. We need a fan just to get air circulation in the gym. I rested more than I cared to between rounds but I did not want to have to put the bar down to do burpees. I think I was the last one done, or at least close to last, but that’s ok.

Yesterday was my weigh in day. I didn’t post the results because I got lazy and was a little miffed at myself. This month is my first gain in the 5 months I’ve been working hard.

4/20/2011 5/25/2011
Body Fat Weight: 69.1 lbs 73.3 lbs
Body Fat %: 35.3% 36.3%
Body H20: 47.1% 46.4%
Bone Mass: 6.9% 6.9%

This really didn’t take me by surprised since I spent all month making poor food choices for the most part. But, it is what it is. I’m not going to dwell on it, especially since I’ve had my eating back under control since Monday. By next month, I should be back down to the 190’s. I’m hoping to be in the 180’s by the time I hit the beach at the end of July. Then, when I get back from there I’ll have two weeks before my marathon training starts. Eek!

CrossFit Total


We started the day with skill work. I think I have the Kipping Pull Up move down, I just can’t seem to do one yet. Although…I got very close to doing one today! Tomorrow I will try again and see how it goes. If I can get the kipping pull up down using the green band, I’d be ecstatic. I want to get off the black band and on to the green one.

The WOD was all strength

Back Squat 8 x 5 x 5 x 3 x 3 x 1
Shoulder Press 8 x 5 x 5 x 3 x 3 x 1
Deadlift 8 x 5 x 5 x 3 x 3 x 1

The last round should have been what we could max out at. I increased two previous PRs and did one of the exercises for the first time.

Back Squat 155# PR up from 115#
Shoulder Press 75# (first max)
Deadlift 235# PR up from 205#

The back squats were interesting. I always thought I could do a decent amount on the back squat because I have decent legs, but apparently I can’t do as much as I thought. I’d like to do over 200#, but it’s something to work toward!

The shoulder press was hard. I have very little upper body strength and that’s all the shoulder press is. You can’t use your legs at all (like with the push press). It was very hard to keep from using my legs to throw the weight up there. I was pleased with 75#. It was only 10# less than Alaina and she is a hoss!

The deadlifts were fun. I always enjoy doing those. I knew my last PR was 205# so I was wanting to set a new record. I tried to do 235# more than once because I wasn’t exactly happy with the first one, but I wasn’t able to do it anymore. I think I could have done more if we didn’t have all those previous reps!!

Insert Post Title Here


Have I mentioned how much I hate trying to come up with blog post titles? I think that’s the hardest part of this whole process some times! Tonight’s workout was GREAT!! I Had so much fun and felt stronger than I have in a while. Don’t get me wrong, I was tired and sweaty but it was a good workout.

The warm up started with 10 Box Jumps, 20 Jump Rope, and a 200 Meter Run (2 rounds). My 200 meter runs went quite well. I wasn’t huffing and puffing as much as I normally am. Then we did Deadlifts for strength, which I’ve only ever done one time before. We had a WOD that included deadlifts, but we didn’t have a ton of weight on it. Tonight I got up to 155#s!! I think I may have been able to go up one more time if I only had to lift it once. We were doing 3 reps of each weight and 155 got quite tough on the last rep. I’ll try it again one day when I go in early.

For our WOD, we were in teams of 2. We spent 1 minute on Back Squats (85#s) and 1 minute on Dumbbell Snatches (25#s) which we repeated 7 times (7 minutes on each workout). Only one person could be working out at a time. So, the first person did 5 squats then the next person did 5. This repeated until the minute was up then we switched to the dumbbell snatches. I think I could have done more on the snatches, but I wasn’t sure if I could do 30-35 that many times. That’s part of my problem…I over think things and talk myself out of doing a heavier weight. I should just start with a heavy weight and move down if need be. I was partnered up with Courtni, who can kick some serious ass. We had a great time! I believe Courtni PR’d with 195lbs on the deadlift.

Friday Weight Fiasco and Reflections


First, Happy Friday All!!!

Second, ugh and ouch.

Yesterday, just because I hadn’t weighed myself in a while (I normally weigh 3 or 4 times a week) I decided to step on the scale. It said I was at 212.2 pounds. WHAT? So, I stepped off and back on. I did this about 3 times and the scale read the same thing. Now, last Friday I weighed in at 224.4. So, I was completely surprised by a 12lb loss. However, I decided not to think too much of it and weigh in again this morning when I’m supposed to be weighing in. I was quite excited to tell you the truth. I just knew I was going to be down, the question was down by how much! All of my calories have been spot on or below my goal of 1800 and I’ve burned 2400-2500 a day.

I drug my butt across my room (this is where the ouch comes into play…talk about sore!) and stepped on the scale…..and….226. No, that can’t be right, so I step on it 5 more times. My husband comes into the bathroom to which I promptly say “Step on the scale.” His weight shows 159.8…which is pretty much what he normally weighs. At this point I’m devastated. I thought for sure I was going to get a loss and I was supposedly down so much yesterday. What happened? I didn’t eat a lot of salt yesterday and I got my butt handed to me in Crossfit again where I was sweating. I also drank more water than I normally do (101.4 oz). Mike gave me a hug and said “Try not to get discouraged. You’re doing everything right. It’ll be ok.” It’s very hard not to get discouraged, but he’s right. I just have to believe that my body is undergoing some changes right now and the scale will go down eventually.

Source: Webshots

Yesterday’s Crossfit was tough, especially since my quads were still screaming from the workout on Tuesday. The WOD (or WorkOut of the Day) started with some stretching and a light run. Then we started our rounds for time. You had to do 15 back squats (where you have the barbell on your back) and then 10 ring rows (for those of us not strong enough to do pull ups yet!) and repeat that 10 times. I knocked out the first three rounds quite quick…then I hit a speed bump. I finished in 17:03, which is not great but it’s ok! Shane (our Trainer) was very supportive and helpful and once I heard him say “1 more and you’re done” I was so excited. I finished my last one and chugged some water. I was sweating pretty good. Then, Shane says “Ok, grab a bar”. uuuhhhh…what? I thought we were done!

We had to do 5 rounds of 10 leg lifts (not really sure what these are called. You lay on your back and pull your legs up to the bar, then back down, then back up…you get the point) and 10 sit ups. The first round of sit ups I was able to go all the way up to the wall. The second round I just couldn’t make my abs work. I still got crunches in, but it’s not the same. All in all, we did 150 back squats, 100 ring rows, 50 leg lifts and 50 sit ups. And…I’m feeling every one of those today!

On their board last night they had something along the lines of “90% of all Americans won’t take the pain to get fit. Are you in that 10%? If you’re here, you are.” While Crossfit really kicks my butt and makes me feel wholly inadequate at times, it also makes me feel stronger and have more confidence in myself. I’m doing things I didn’t think I’d ever do before. 150 squats?! Even though they were slow…they were mine!