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Food Doesn’t Have to be a Foe


Those of you who have been reading my blog know that I have an incredibly strong sweet tooth. I can’t help it…I was born that way! Unfortunately, this has gotten me in a bad position the past couple of “cheat” days on my weekends. However, it’s not just a temptation on the weekends…it’s all the time. I have been having to go into the kitchen at work every day this week and see this:

AND…this is only part of what was there originally! No, I didn’t eat the others. So far I’ve done pretty good in passing it up. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to nom down on the peanut butter cups and butterfingers. Did I mention how much I love Lemondrops? So, I take it a day at a time and hope I continue to make the wiser choice and leave the candy to everyone else.

When I got home, I was still craving sweets so I decided to eat a couple of blackberries. Unfortunately, my blackberries had grown afros…not cool.

Thankfully the blueberries were still in good shape!


I’m Learning…


On a recommendation of my fellow blogger, Sasha, I decided to saute my green beans tonight. I also added some nice spices to the chicken called “Kick up Chicken” spices. Basically it had several kinds of pepper, garlic, onion, and a few other things. It all turned out quite good, if I do say so myself!

The chicken was nice a juicy, not dry. The main difference was I cooked until the meat┬áthermometer┬áread 170 indicating the meat was cooked thoroughly instead of just cooking the snot out of it. I’m always paranoid that I won’t cook chicken enough and get food poisoning!

Easy Like Sunday Morning


Today was a rest day for me. So, I get to relax and spend a little time on dinner. Tonight I tried to make some decent hamburger patties/steak with some onions, garlic and cilantro. I have to say I don’t think it was very good. Next time I need to use less onions and garlic. I am going to have some bad breath tonight and tomorrow morning!! We also roasted some broccoli. I tend to like my vegetables more al dente than my husband, so I cooked them a little longer tonight than normal. This resulted in a nice compromise of crisp yet not crunchy…if that makes any sense.

Ignore the brown lump in the back, but doesn’t that broccoli look yummy?! So green!! I liked the broccoli, which is kinda sad because that’s what Mike prepared. I just put them in the oven. Oh well, I never claimed to be a good cook! In the past I just cooked a lot of frozen meals or went out to get food, so this is a step in the right direction.

They tell you not to worry about counting calories when eating Paleo, but I like to keep track of my calories and carbs still. My carbs are staying between 50-60 but my calories are quite low. Some days I don’t get over 1000. It’s not because I’m starving myself, I’m just not that hungry. So, I’m trying to make sure that I’m getting at least 1100 calories a day from this point on. I don’t think it’s healthy to eat below 1000 and I know with them telling you not to worry about counting calories on Paleo is more in reference to not worrying about eating 1800+ calories because you’re eating healthy food. I’m pretty sure they’d tell me to up my food intake. I’ve been feeling pretty good the past week but a little tired. Hopefully that will pass after I get my food intake up and my body gets adjusted to all these vegetables I’ve been throwing at it lately. I think I’ve eaten more vegetables in the past week and a half than I did last year!

Anyone have any recommendations for preparing bell peppers?

Oh, on another note, I signed up for the Texas Marathon (in Kingwood) for next year! So, 1/1/2012 I will be walking/running 26.2 miles. Every year the marathon has an animal mascot (e.g. Year of the Monkey, Year of the Bear). This year it was the Year of the Yellow Rubber Duck, which cracked me up. I was hoping next year would be something like a Lion or Cougar…you know…something fierce. What did I get? The Year of the Pig! hahahahaha….well, it’s fitting I guess. I used to love pigs when I was younger, even collected them in different shapes or forms. So, while it’s not a fierce animal (although they can be mean!) it makes me laugh. I’m wondering if I should wear a pig snout for the run. Just kidding!! I’m not one for wearing costumes/odd items out in public!

Expanding my Horizons


Today’s lunch was outstanding! I couldn’t make up my mind where I wanted to go for lunch (really need to start freezing meals to bring for lunch during the week) so I settled on Chili’s. After perusing their menu and drooling over the molten chocolate cake, I settled on the Margarita Chicken. Hold the rice, beans, and tortilla strips and add a side of steamed veggies please!

I’m not quite sure why I’ve been so adverse to pico my entire life. That’s not true, it was my prejudice against tomatoes. However, I am a convert. I love me some fresh pico!! I enjoyed the broccoli and carrots, but wish the carrots were a little bigger. The shreds were difficult to get on my fork! For all of you foodies out there: ‘Twas delish!

Fresh Spinach…mm…


Yesterday was supposed to be a workout day, but I had to get a couple of quilt blocks done to be mailed out today. Priorities people?! lol. Today is another workout day, so not all is lost. I haven’t been real diligent in tracking my calories lately, but I know I haven’t eaten too many because I haven’t been eating as much as usual. Mike being sick threw a lot of things out of balance for me. One of which is cooking dinner. He preferred to eat soup, so I didn’t cook a whole lot. In fact, I skipped a meal here and there. I KNOW…not good. I’ve gotten better about it. I’m also going to try to track my calories from here on out.

I had to go to the post office today to mail out the aforementioned blocks. On the way back to the office I stopped at Kroger’s and got lunch.

I love spinach salads. The cheese kinda fell off in one clump, so it looks like it’s covered in cheese when it really wasn’t. I added some black olives, sunflower seeds, and jalapenos. Mmmm.mmm.good. I think my body was craving a good salad.

While there I also picked up one of my guilty pleasures. They didn’t have Oxygen, which I like quite a bit, but they did have Shape:

Funny enough, it has Chelsea Handler on the cover. She’s been popping up a lot lately in odd places.

Ok, back to work. I’ll be sure to update with today’s workout. Have a good one!

Lunch of the gods…


I brought my chicken and rice yesterday for lunch, but when lunch time rolled around I wasn’t really in the mood for it. I knew I’d be eating it for lunch, so I decided to go to Panera bread with my office mate Christa. Normally I get either the potatoe soup or the cream of chicken and wild rice. Today however, I decided to live on the edge and ordered their black bean soup. OMG…It was extremely tasty!

I bought this new iphone app called “ShakeitPhoto” that takes either an existing picture or a new picture and turns it into a polaroid. I think I’m hooked. It makes everything look really neat…somewhat stylized.

Like my pooch Ruby, AKA Rooster, Blunderbus, Rue, Rubyque, and Little Shit.

Or Codeman’s Saints Jersey…it all looks much more interesting through this program.

Anyway….my eating was pretty good yesterday. I had about a 500 calorie deficit! Yeehaw…I weighed myself today and I was around 222 (222.3 or something like that, can’t remember exactly). So, I guess it wasn’t all the salt’s fault. I need to start getting control over my weekends…next goal.

How was your Tuesday?!