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Feelin’ Stronger


Today was a good day! It was the last CrossFit workout for the week and this Saturday I’ll put in some mileage on a walk, so right now I’m feeling pretty good!

Ground to Overhead (65#)
Ring Dips

Finished in 11:00

Prescribed was 75# and I think I could have done that weight, but it would have added quite a bit more time. The 65# got a little heavy at the end, but I wasn’t struggling to get the last few up like I would have been in the past. I’m extremely pleased with how much stronger it appears my upper body is getting. Now…if I could just get the pull ups down! I’m ready to get rid of the black band and graduate to the green, but I have yet to be able to pull my chin above the bar with the green one. However, I think it’ll be coming before too long!

My ring dips leave little to be desired! I’m all over the place. I need to work on keeping the rings close to the body and extending all the way up.

Have a great Friday!!




Another benchmark test today. Unfortunately, I hadn’t done this one before so I don’t have much to compare it to. The last time I did Ground to Overheads I had alternated between the 35# bar and 45# bar. So, just looking at the previous workout I think I’ve improved.

We started with some new squats Shane wanted to try out. I have no clue what they’re called so I’ll just refer to them as Kettlebell Weighted Squats. It looked something like the picture below, but with the resistance band looped through the handle of the kettlebells.

source: fitstream.com

The point is to make your body work harder by having to stabilize the weight while you’re squatting. We did a 25# kettlebell on each side first (5 reps), then 35# kettlebells, and last was 5 reps with normal 25# plates. It was extremely odd and somewhat difficult to walk with the weights swinging around but I kinda liked them!

The WOD was “Grace”: 30 Ground to Overhead for time. Prescribed weight is 95# but there’s no way I can do that much weight. I did 55#, which was more than last time. It started getting tougher at the end. My time was 5:32. Not bad, but not great either. Jennifer finished in 3:40 or something around there. She has more upper body strength than I do! Tonight’s workout was just the two of us.

After the workout we did 70 Floor Sweepers. For those of you that don’t know what those are, you’re holding a 45# bar over your shoulders (laying on the ground) and then lift your legs at an angle up to the bar, lower them, then lift them to the other side.  I wasn’t able to do them with completely straight legs, but I got them done. My abs are going to be very sore tomorrow.

I tried the kipping pull up some when I got there, but alas…I couldn’t do 1. I was using the green band. Maybe I just need to work on the technique as opposed to going back to the black band. Not sure. Shane asked me how my diet was going and whether I was staying away from the bread. He also asked if I was taking any vitamins. My guess is he noticed how quickly I tire out and wants me to do something to up my energy. I told him my biggest problem is my tracheal stenosis where I just can’t breathe. He recommended I try Spirulina for some vitamins, so I’ll try out some vitamins (which I know I need anyway) and see if that helps with my workouts at all.

Getting Up to Speed


OMG…tonight’s workout was brutal. BRUTAL. Our warm up was Death by 10 Meter x2. In other words, instead of doing  just one sprint and adding 1 each time we did 2 sprints, adding 2 sprints each time. Last time I got kicked out at 11. Today I got in 12 before I removed myself. I was having a hard time catching my breath. The last round was 14, so I should have just tried to push harder and get some of them in. Again, I think my throat is causing me not to get the same amount of oxygen as I had been. Which scares me.

The WOD was 5 rounds for time of 10 Ground to Overhead (Clean and Press), 20 Kettlebell Swings and 5 Burpees. I started with the 35# bar for the GTO but they were too easy so I switched to the 45# bar. That weight started getting very heavy during round 2. I was thinking “Great…I’m not even 1/2 way done.” However, Shane said my form was good through all of the rounds (which I tried to keep good form because I was very tired and that’s normally when my form goes to pot). During the last round I got 2 or 3 GTO with the 45# bar when I had to switch down to the 35# bar. At the time I didn’t think I could finish the last round with the 45# bar but on the way home my brain started saying “You could have done it. You just wussed out.” However, I think I made the right call in downgrading. Last time I was able to do 45 GTOs with the 45# bar, but I think the Kettle Bells fatigued my arms more this round.

The Kettlebell Swings were hard. This was the first time that I had done them and I don’t particularly want to do them again anytime soon! I used a 25# bell (bar bell because we don’t have kettlebells) and really struggled with them but I didn’t down grade the weight…I was able to push through with that weight. Michelle gave me some pointers after the workout to make them a little easier to do. So, next time we’ll see if I can do better. I got so hot during this workout that I thought I was going to lose my lunch. Thankfully, I was able to push it down and get through it.


Source: CrossfitInvictus

Since I can’t do a normal burpee, I modify it where I go into a plank pose (instead of going all the way down) then come back up. They still kill me. I finished in around 24:30. I was so tired that I looked at the time but didn’t soak it in. Michelle finished well before me so Shane made her do 50 sit ups on the GHB machine. Ouch! But, she kicked ass. Not only did she do great during the workout, but she had extra work to do as well. She’s my inspiration! I often think of upping my CrossFit workouts from 2 a week to 3, but at this time I’m not going to since I’m also training for the half marathon in March.

OH…one more thing. Today was day 30 of my Paleo Diet! Recap coming soon.

Clean and Press


Tonight’s CrossFit session went well. We had three rounds of Ground to Overheads (Clean and Press), then dumbbell rows, and sit ups. The first round was 21 of each, the next is 15, and last was 9. I was only using the 45lb bar, but good grief it got realllly heavy toward the end! It took me 3 tries to get the last press overhead. I finished in 16:32. I was last again, but I didn’t care much.

We had a guy visiting from Washington State. I’m not sure if he was training with Shane or just here on vacation and getting his workouts in. He was nice enough, but one of these people that thinks yelling where you are in your rounds at you is motivating. I appreciate the thought, but I was very tempted to ask him to “shut up”. I’m pushing as hard as I can, I don’t really like hearing “Come on girl…no resting…push it out…only 9 more…8….7…come on push push” being yelled at me. Yelling “Come on girl” is fine…but I don’t want a barrage being yelled at me.  Shane does a great job with his motivation technique. He’s encouraging but at the same time he keeps calm, which keeps me more focused. I know some people really enjoy the constant yelling motivation, it’s just not my style! But, I did appreciate the thought the behind it.

Now, if I’m dogging it and not doing something right or well, you’re free to yell at me then. Everything has a time and place.

I had lemon thyme chicken for dinner tonight. Yum-my!