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What a Good Day!


Since Mike and I had dentist appointments today I was able to sleep in an hour. Once I hauled my butt out of bed, I decided to weigh myself and see how things were going. I stepped on the scale and Yeehaw!! The day was off to a great start.

You’ll have to excuse my bruised toenail. It’s kinda nasty looking. Anyway, how does this compare with last month?

  3/25/2011 4/20/2011
Body Fat Weight: 73.0 lbs 69.1 lbs
Body Fat %: 36.2% 35.3%
Body H20: 46.5% 47.1%
Bone Mass: 6.9% 6.9%

I’ll do my measurements either tonight or tomorrow. My father is coming in tomorrow for the weekend! So excited about that!

The dentist checkup came back great. No cavities or anything else to worry about. So, it was off to work in my new SIZE 14 dress!! That’s right, apparently I’ve gone down another size to a 14. I grabbed some jeans this weekend and decided to get a pair of 14s as motivation. Well, when I tried them on they fit! As did both size 14 dresses I bought (at 50% off too!).


Race Swag


After I finished my WOD this morning I headed over to pick up Mike and my race packets. I can’t believe the 1/2 marathon is tomorrow! The butterflies are starting. The race packet had some great swag in it.

My favorite part is the socks. “Suck it up Cupcake!” The LaraBar was way too sweet. It’s been a while since I’ve had any of those in a long time but I didn’t remember them being that sweet. I only took one bite then through the rest away.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow but at the same time I’m quite nervous. Right now my neighbors are shooting and it’s really putting me on edge. I wish I could turn off the cringing it makes me feel, but I just can’t help it. The only good thing is, this is the first time in a long time since they’ve done this. Let’s hope it’s a long time until the next bout as well.

So…here are the before and after pictures for this month.

Date: 2/25/11       3/25/2011
Bust:  41.5              41
Waist: 38                37.5
Hips:  46.5             45
Calf:   18                  18
Thigh: 28                27
Bicep: 14.25         14.25
Neck:  13.5            13.5

Woohoo! I’ve lost 3 1/2 lbs this month. Outstanding! I didn’t see a big difference in the pictures from February to March (the photos above are from December to March) but it’s nice to see some inches lost as well. The fact that it appears my thighs have lost some girth makes me a happy girl! I’ve been waiting for them to budge for the past couple of months.

So Close!!


It’s the official weigh in day! I woke up this morning feeling like I was a little bloated but the scale was still good to me. Drumroll please…

Let’s compare some numbers. Last month I was 209.7 so I ended up with a 7.9lb loss!! That is outstanding, especially considering I wasn’t 100% paleo this month; However, I was much better this month that I was the previous when I lost about 5lbs. Guess I should pay attention to that! I’m only 2lbs away from being below 200. That means I’ll be weighing myself probably every week until I see the magic “1” at the front of my weight. As it is, I’m at my lowest in about 6 years. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Some other numbers:

  2/25/2011 3/25/2011
Body Fat Weight: 78.6 lbs 73.0 lbs
Body Fat %: 37.4% 36.2%
Body H20: 45.6% 46.5%
Bone Mass: 7.0% 6.9%

My bone mass went down some. I need to start including more calcium rich vegetables in my diet. It’s always nice to see the other numbers go down. As you can see, my water percentage was higher so I think I am retaining some water. I can feel it in my fingers. I will try to get my progress pictures up with my measurements tomorrow when I have more time to fiddle with that. I’ve also decided to go do a CrossFit WOD Saturday morning since I have to be in that area to pick up my race packet for Sunday!

Feelin’ Good


Tomorrow is my official weigh in day where I’ll post my numbers as well as progress photos but I was feeling good today and decided I should take a picture of me in my everyday clothes each month as well. Uncharacteristically, I woke up in a good mood today. Of course, I was tired but not as grouchy as I normally am. Mike knows to just let me do my thing in the mornings and tries to stay out of my way the best he can! I just feel like today is going to be full of blessings…and I hope I’m not wrong. We’ll find out in a few hours, won’t we?!

I really like this shirt too. It’s several years old but not well worn. It’s made out of some sort of fabric that shows my belly bulges a little too clearly for me at times! Since I’m down to the smallest I’ve been in a couple of years (not sure how many exactly) I finally feel confident to wear it more often. Of course, belly still makes its appearance when I sit down…but whose doesn’t?! Mike took this picture for me at work. Then he told me to spin…so I did. This was the outcome.

I normally would have deleted this photo but I decided what the hell! Have a great Thursday everyone!

Summer Sausage


This weekend I had 6 miles scheduled for race training. The walk went really well. In fact, I finished a 5K in 49:38, which was the fastest so far. Unfortunately, my blisters started coming back. However, I think I’ve figured out why I keep getting them. My shoes do not allow my feet to breathe, which causes them to sweat quite a bit. When my feet get sweaty, they get soft, which I think then leads to the blisters. So…I need to either find shoes that allow better airflow or better wicking socks.

The weather was about 80 but absolutely gorgeous. It got a little warm but when the breeze started blowing, it was much better! So, I have a confession to make. Last night I had several drinks that I shouldn’t have. I also had too much salt. That mixed together with a long walk meant trouble for my hands. My hands and feet got so swollen that my fingers looked like little summer sausages! Thankfully, after drinking a couple of bottles of water they went back to normal.

I also made sure to weigh back in earlier to get the numbers from the bottom part of the scale. I left my camera at work, so I haven’t been able to do my progress picture update either, but I will tomorrow.

My body fat weight went down 4.4 lbs woohoo!! My body fat percentage also went down by 1.1 percent. I’m happy with those numbers. This month I’m going to try to be as strict as I was the first month to hopefully get below 200lbs. I also want to be down to at least 180 by the time I go babysit my nephews in November. So, I better get moving! I have 9 months to lose 30lbs. If I lose about 3.5lbs a month between now and then I should make it with no problem. However, if I lose 5.5lbs a month between now and then I’ll have reached my long term goal of 160!

Wish me luck!

Keep on Truckin’!


Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Today is my monthly weigh in day and I happy to announce that I’ve lost 6lbs since my last weigh in! While it’s only half of what I lost last month, I’m still very happy with the number. I had been eating horribly throughout the month and I was afraid I might not have lost anything.

I forgot to weigh where it shows all of the stuff on the bottom (BF Weight, BF%, etc) so I’ll probably weigh again tomorrow morning to see what those numbers where. Since today was the weigh and measure day I made sure to get my progress pictures this morning too. I haven’t had a chance to post a side by side (dadgum day job!) but here’s a frontal shot anyway!

My dogs love to be in these pictures for whatever reason but when I try to take a picture of them they run off…I don’t get it! Ok, so on to the measurements. While I was happy I had lost weight, I didn’t think that I would have lost any inches (figured it was water weight) but I did! I lost 2 1/2 inches! Woot!

Date: 1/23/11 2/25/11
Bust: 42.25 41.5
Waist: 38.75 38
Hips: 47 46.5
Calf: 18.5 18
Thigh: 28 28
Bicep: 14 14.25
Neck: 13.75 13.5

I gained a 1/4 inch in my arms and didn’t lose anything in my thighs, but I’m ok with that. They’ll budge and go the right direction eventually. Besides, I think I’m just going to have massive thighs as is. There seems to be a lot of muscle there. Of course, there would have to be to move 200+ lbs around on a daily basis!

***Edit*** Here is the side shot of comparison from January to February. I made it black and white because the color seems to play tricks on the eyes.