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15 Minute AMRAP
10 Wallballs (16#)
10 Toes to Bar (mod to Knees to Chest)
10 Box Jumps (Short Box)
6.20 (6 complete rounds and all but box jumps into 7th (20 reps))

Felt great doing today’s workout. I was able to do all wallballs with the 16# ball without too much pain. Don’t get me wrong, it was tough but doable. My hands ripped again doing the Knees to Chest but not nearly as bad as yesterday or the time before. I tried my best to just hook my hands so I didn’t tear them, but it’s harder than it appears! The box jumps were slow, but not too bad. Glad I’m able to do them now without having to modify down to step ups.

I got my order of Eatology in today. Some of the boxes were broken. One had to be thrown away because it was busted too much. They were packed very well (Styrofoam and bubble wrap) and the outer box didn’t look too damaged (was dropped on one corner) so I’m not sure what happened there. I’m not upset, just surprised. Had to throw away the meatloaf…too bad! hahaha

Tonight I ate the Chicken Creole. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t very spicy, which in my head a Creole should be. It was a little bland, but not overly so. Of course, it was much better than Lean Cuisine!  Plus, it had okra, cabbage, and other veggies I’m not a fan of and I was able to eat them without getting grossed out!


I’ve found a race challenge I would LOVE to do. Who wouldn’t want to race in Italy? The pricing is a bit much so I’ll have to save up. Anyone want to join me?!


Staying in the Game


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! However, we NEED RAIN. Texas has outrageous amounts of fires breaking out thanks to the drought. I’ve never seen it this bad before. Supposedly it was similar to this some time in the 50’s, but I wasn’t around at that time!

Today’s workout went well. Not that I did very good but I feel like I’m doing better than I had. I did the box jumps, which I had to modify to step ups for the past couple of months, and I was able to do the run each round instead of skipping it! Unfortunately, I lost a lot of my strength and endurance because of my modifications I had to do but I think that’ll increase pretty quickly now that I can really push it again.

My arms and back are sore today from yesterday’s workout! This contributed to my having to drop weight down on my Push Presses today. That and the fact that I’ve been using lighter weight to help with the breathing and have probably lost some of what I gained before.

Front Squats
5(75#) x 5(85#) x 5(95#) x 5(95#)

5 Rounds
10 Push Press (75# first round, 65# rest)
10 Box Jumps (small box)
10 Kettlebell Swings (25#, no 35# left)
200 Meter Run

The run was changed from going down the alley to going to the stop sign and back. I don’t think that’s 200 meters, but there was a van parked in the alley doing some work for one of the stores and was an accident waiting to happen. It took me 17:29 to complete it. Again, not great but I’m not upset with it. I felt I did what I could. My hand was bothering me some because the tears were still quite fresh. Thankfully Shane was able to tape them up some so they didn’t get too scraped up again today. They’re weeping a bit right now, but otherwise they’re not too bad.

I’m glad I have a day to recover until my next round of CrossFit. This Thursday I’m going to try to go without stopping at all during the workout. Just push push push.

Today I signed up for the 10 for Texas race on Oct. 8th. I didn’t realize it was coming up so soon! Guess I need to start getting more serious about my training. I’ve missed the past 3 weeks (2 because of traveling and 1 because of laziness). This Sunday the girls and I will be running/walking 6 miles. They’ll keep me up to speed! I can’t wait to see how my running/walking goes now that I can breathe better. Based on the run in today’s workout it will NOT be fast! I need to work on increasing my speed. I also have my marathon I’m supposed to be training for. The thought occurred to me that I should probably drop down to the 1/2 but now I’m second guessing that. We’ll see how the training progresses and the 10 miler goes! After all, I still have 3 months to get ready for it.

Oh…and my husband showed me this fun little endeavor. If it’s done well, I think it’ll be a blast! However, it has the opportunity to be really cheesy too. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Angie’s Half Crazy 1/2 Marathon


Today started at 3:45AM. Mike and I drug our butts out of bed and were heading to Clear Lake for the 1/2 marathon at 4. I didn’t sleep well at all last night due to anticipation. So, as soon as the alarm went off I was ready to turn it off and go back to sleep!

We got to the race area about 5:30AM and went in search of my cousin. I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to find her or not with over 1600 people participating today. However, she was up front and easy to spot as we walked over to where the organizers were setting up the finish line. Clara and Kelly both look like they’ve lost quite a bit of weight. So proud of them!

Since I was in the walking group, we had a 30 minute head start. At 6:30AM I was called to line up at the start and get ready to go! It was the first time I’ve started a race when it was still this dark.

The fire engine sounded its siren and we were off. It was so crowded at the beginning that we couldn’t really get moving well. I felt like I was in a crowd leaving a concert…being herded like cattle.

I was able to pass quite a few people right off the bat, then finally the throng thinned out and I was able to get going a little faster. There was a lady in a yellow shirt that passed me doing the run/walk intervals. She was always within my vision (never more than a mile ahead). I decided then and there that I would beat her. This gave me a goal to work toward. My other two goals were to finish before Kelly and Clara (they were run/walkers so they started 30 minutes behind me) and to finish in less than 3:40 (the time on our trial run).

About mile 3 the first runner flew by me. He was hauling butt! I was still moving pretty good and feeling good. I could feel a spot on my left foot where a blister was wanting to start, so I knew my poor feet weren’t going to come out of this looking pretty! Around mile 4 Mike smacked my rump as he ran by. I was surprised to see him pass me so soon, but he was running quite fast! About another half mile down the road someone else patted my shoulder which caught me off guard. I knew it wasn’t Mike, so I wasn’t sure what I’d see when I looked over. There was a woman (about my age) who waved and said “You’re doing great. Keep going!” While it was surprising, it was nice!

This is me about 1/2 way through (mile 6ish). I was still feeling pretty good and confident that I’d meet my time goal and the yellow chick was still in front of me so she was going down soon! I was being passed…a lot…at this time by the runners. All of the walkers I passed earlier had yet to pass me again. There were a lot of people on the sidewalks cheering others on and most of them cheered everyone on as we went by. One guy kept playing the “rebel” horn sound over and over which was irritating. This was the most supportive race I’ve run so far!

The guy in the pink speedo with his name across the back cracked me up. There was one other runner in a black speedo as well. Neither one of them were setting any records. In my opinion, if you’re going to dress the part you better be up to the challenge!

The line just stretched on for miles ahead of me. I did some wogging down this road. When I stopped and started walking again the lady passing me told me to keep it up and the older woman behind her gave me a thumbs up! We turned on to Kirby and stayed on that road for quite a ways. Our mile markers stopped after mile 6 until I got to mile 10. Mike says he saw every one of them, so I guess I was off in my own little world. I started wogging again from mile 7-8. It was at this point that I passed the Lady in Yellow…finally! Unfortunately, about mile 8/9 I started hitting the wall and slowed down. I half way expected Kelly and Clara to catch up to me, but they didn’t. This entire course was flat, which was great. However, at mile 9.5 there was an elevated bridge. Come on…put that sucker at the beginning, not the end! When I hit mile 10 all I could think about was how sore my feet were becoming (blisters were forming on my heels and little toes) and was having a hard time keeping up my speed above 17:00. Then suddenly…in a blinding flash…the Yellow Lady passed me. Again. To push the point home, she brought the Pink Lady (who I passed at the beginning at the race) with her.

I stayed as close to them as I could. At this point, I wogged most of the time. I seemed to move faster that way and my feet didn’t hurt as bad. At mile 11, I passed the Pink Lady but was still behind the Yellow Lady….dagnabbit! I thought if I could stay close to her at least, I could try to pass her again at the end. Mike found me at 11.5 miles. He always comes back to find me when he finishes his race so he can walk the rest of mine with me. He was a little surprised to see me at that point. “I thought I would just go to mile 10 and wait for you to catch up, but you’re moving right along! You’re doing good!” My feet were throbbing but starting to get a little numbed out, which helped some but I was still going slower than I wanted.

I sucked down some Gatorade and water at mile 12. There had to have been 20 people telling me “you’re almost there!” I asked Mike where the turn was to get to the finish line and he said “you’re almost there” which got him to giggling. Funny man…yes he is. I was still wogging but tried to push harder to go faster. Slowly I caught back up to the Yellow Lady and passed her right after mile 12. I couldn’t allow myself to walk at this point. If I did, she would pass me again and I couldn’t have that! I kept asking Mike how far back she was. He said that she was wogging as well, then stopped. YES…I had her beat! That last mile was tough. I was so relieved to make that last turn to hit the finish line. I was able to get my medal and a cold towel. That towel was from Heaven. According to my watch, I finished in 3:39:53. Hey, it’s under 3:40! Mike finished in 1:50:19. Unfortunately, my official results weren’t on their site. I don’t know why…I finished in the time frame and hit all their timing markers. I’m a little upset with that.

As I found Kelly and Clara’s group of friends I saw they hadn’t finished yet, so I sat on the curb to cheer them on as they came in. Clara came in first and was all smiles as she spotted the finish line! Kelly came in about 5 minutes later looking a bit tired. I hollered at her to “finish strong” and she came back with “This is all I’ve got!” Yep…I can relate to that but she picked it up and finished it at a jog. Mike had to help me stand up off the curb. I ended up walking like an old lady back to the car. My legs were tired and my feet were covered in blisters in a way that I couldn’t find a spot that didn’t hurt to step on!

We got home and I soaked for a bit in the tub. My toe nails were overly sensitive when they hit the water. I’ve heard of people losing toenails from walking long distances, so I’m hoping all my toenails stay where they’re supposed to! I think my biggest problem is my shoes may be a little too small. When I walk long distances my feet swell and I don’t think they have room to spread out enough. So, I will get some new shoes for the marathon…if I actually do the marathon now!

The medal was nice. The race was a baseball theme with some of the money going to the Clear Lake Little League. All in all, I thought the race was well organized and went off without too much of a hitch.

A Step Toward Beating Cancer


This morning I woke up with the thought “I don’t want to do this race today.” It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do the mileage, I was just tired and it was awfully cold in the house. I peeled myself out of bed about 6:30 and went to brush my teeth when…no water came out. I went into the living room and Mike said he thought the water had frozen in the well house. Last time this happened we just had to wait for it to thaw out and there weren’t any other issues. Unfortunately, this was not our problem. We had a busted pipe. Since it was supposed to be in the 50’s today and it was around 26 when we went to bed, we figured we’d be fine. Little did we know that it would actually get below 20.

I used bottled water to brush my teeth and piled on the clothes. It was still 20 degrees when we got to the park. When we walked toward the race area we noticed signs with all of the names of those people racers were running in honor of or memory of.

The race helps raise money to fight Lymphoma. Bill Crews started it after finding out he was in remission from the cancer. This was the 4th year the race was held. Mike and I picked up our packets and then did our best to stay warm. There was ice everywhere, which was rather pretty.

They ran out of safety pins, so we went numberless. I had my number in my pocket, but had no way of connecting it to my shirt. We thought the race started at 8, but that was when the kids and family 1 mile run/walk took place. They had all the kids (and some of the parents) lined up at the starting line and had them wait while a local choir sang. Once the song was over and the choir was back on their school bus they let the little ones start the race.

While they were doing their race Mike was running around trying to warm up and I was trying to determine whether it was possible to get frostbite in 20 degree weather. My toes and feet were so cold I could barely feel them. Everyone else was jumping around, including the mascot of the Valentine’s Day Run, Smoochie.

Finally, we were able to line up about 8:20. Mike and I walked to the back of the crowd. There weren’t very many people there which I’m guessing is a result of the weather. They began by reading the names of all of the people we were running for. Then we had the National Anthem. At this point I’m ready to call it quits and get back in the warm car. Finally, at 8:45 the gun sounds and we’re off. I broke two of my race rules today. #1) I started too fast. This caused me to get shin splints which slowed me down in the long run. #2) I didn’t pay attention to my time.

My feet were so cold I couldn’t really feel them as I was running out of the shoot. However, I definitely felt my shin splints. I passed Mike about mile 1 (his mile 2) He was hauling it! About this time all I could think of was finding a bathroom as soon as this race was done! Mike had finished the race and come back to meet me around mile 2. He finished the rest of the race with me. I got passed a few times, but at the end I also passed a couple of people. This is where my second rule was broken. I didn’t pay attention to where I was on my time. If I had, I would have seen that by pushing harder earlier I would have made a PR for this race. Instead, I was too preoccupied with finding a bathroom. I felt I was going so slow as it was because of my shins that there was no way I was even close to getting a good time. By the time I started pushing, it was too late. I finished in 50:20 (16 seconds shy of my PR). Mike finished in 20:50, which was a PR for him!

I was glad I had done the race once I was finished. While I wanted to stay in bed, I would have been very disappointed in myself. I’m already aggravated with myself for not pushing harder. Don’t get me wrong, I was pooped when I crossed the finish line but I still had something left I could have given.

Taken before the race

Mike actually passed Bill Crews to beat him at the end. He didn’t know who it was, but their times are neck and neck on the results page. Mike came in 4th for his age group and Bill came in 5th. It was good race once we got moving and warmed up. Toward the end we kept having to go around soccer people getting ready for a tournament but most of them were good enough to get out of the way.

I learned to always check my time. There is no reason why I shouldn’t have known where I was since I had the watch on my wrist! I also learned that I need to leave it all out on the race track. When I pass the finish line I should be gassed from giving it all I had. However, it was a good race and NO BLISTERS!!

Once we got home, we had to fix the pipe.

Notice anything odd about this? Yep…you’re right. The nozzle is hanging upside down. Unfortunately we couldn’t save the elbow joint so we did what we could for now to get our water running. We’ll revisit this again at a later date!

Going Half Crazy


This morning….I did something I never thought I’d do. I signed up for a 1/2 marathon. YIKES!!

So, I will start training for my half marathon this month! I’m so excited! I won’t be running all of it, as I’m not a good runner. I will be running/walking. So far I have no problem going 5 miles, so I think I’m in a good place. At least I’m not starting from scratch.

This morning my Mom sent me some photos from our trip to Gettysburg two years ago. She had just found her camera and her pictures! Unfortunately, the photos were less than flattering! The good news: I’m smaller now than I was then. The bad news: There’s still a long way to go. I’ll upload 1 of the pictures she sent that’s acceptable (though not good).


October 2008

April 2010

On another note: This morning I vanquished my evil scale to the dark depths of my linen closet so it wouldn’t vex me anymore. For now, I will go by how I feel and weigh myself once a month. My weight was going up and down so quickly (10-12 lb swing in a day) that I was starting to get very frustrated and discouraged. While I want to lose weight, I much prefer feeling better and being healthier. Therefore, I will not allow my emotions/moods to be controlled by a number.

Ironman to the Woodlands?


Sooo….a little birdie told me that Ironman may be coming to the Woodlands next year. How cool would that be? It’s estimated that it would bring in about 1.3 million tax dollars; however they’re looking at having it in May. REALLY? Have they considered the fact that it’s hot as all get out toward the last half of May? I imagine heat stroke could be a big issue then. Maybe they’ll be able to move it up to April or even March if in fact it comes to the Woodlands.

Pear Run 5K 2010


Another Pear Run has come and gone. Mike and I drug our butts out of bed at 4:45 and made it to Independence Park by 6:30. There were quite a few people there, but it is still a rather small race compared to some of the others I’ve been to. I kinda like the smaller races because they don’t feel as intimidating, but I like the bigger ones because you meld into the crowd. My nerves weren’t nearly as bad this time as they were at the Rise & Shine 5K. I think I was just too tired to care much! Of course they had medals for top finishers. Aren’t they cute?

They also had door prizes, but I forgot to stick around to see if my bib number was drawn. We lined up on the road for the National Anthem before the starting line.

The race is a fundraiser for the Pearland Police department so there were several cops on bikes making sure that the runners were well protected from cars (the race took place in a subdivision). Instead of a horn or a gun, the race was started by police car sirens. And we were off!

I did the walk/run intervals for the entire run. Even though it didn’t really increase my speed, it didn’t slow me down much either. I often joke with Mike that my running pace is slower than my walk. Well, it’s not much of a joke because it’s not too far from the truth. I’m a sloooow runner. But, I figure the more I do it the faster I’ll get. This year I finished my 5K in 50:04, last year I signed up for the 5K walk which they didn’t time so I’m not sure what the difference is. Mike ran the 10K this year and finished in 47:00. Talk about impressive! He passed me right before the finish line.

It wasn’t a mutt strutt, but there were one or two dogs getting in on the action!

We waited at the finish line for our friend Michelle to finish her 10K, which was a PR for her! She still had a smile on her face, which is staying something!

While I was waiting, I saw an example of how Michelle can decorate her “beast”!

What do you think Michelle?!

All in all, I was very please with how well the race was organized and the outcome of our performance. I’m not sure if I’ll do the Pear Run again next year since it’s so far away, but more than likely I will. Maybe next year I can do the 10K!