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I hate making up titles…


Thursday was a good workout. I was extremely happy with my results and finally felt like I’d accomplished something!

Weighted Push Ups
3(25#) x 3(35#) x 3(50#)

4 Rounds of as many reps as possible
1 Min Burpees
1 Min GHD Sit Ups
1 Min SDHP (45#, RX)
1 Min Ring Dips (Green band)
1 Min Rest

Rd 1: 67, Rd 2: 60, Rd 3: 60, Rd 4: 60

Well, I’m nothing if not consistent! The ring dips are by far the most difficult for me right now since I have weak triceps. The burpees sucked but they weren’t too bad! I slammed down pretty hard a couple of times on the first round. On rounds 2-4 I did the step back instead of the jump. I averaged about 10 burpees per round but was able to make up the numbers on the SDHP. That was my strongest round.

Saturday we didn’t have our run because Clara and Kelly had previous engagements. We moved it to Sunday instead. Clara was shooting her box’s teams a CrossFit competition called Fall Brewses. Since it was in the same area as a party I had to go to later that same day (just about a mile or 2 away) I decided to stop by and check it out. They were ahead of schedule, so I got there just as they started the last WOD:

50 cumulative rep “Bear Complex” 95/65

Cash in – 30 double-unders (before athlete touches bar) Cash out – 10 burpees (as soon as the athlete leaves the bar) Caveat – before the relieving athlete begins double-unders the team must complete inter- locked (arms) team sit-ups equivalent to the total number of reps completed of Bear Complex.

Yeah…it was brutal! Needless to say, I was glad not to be one of them. Especially since the burpees and sit ups were done on cement. Clara and Kelly’s box, CrossFit Point Break, came in first! Way to go everyone. Don’t ask me about the pink because I just don’t know!




Sunday was our big run. We met up at 6:30 and got in almost 6 miles.

It was cloudy, which made the temp quite nice! As soon as I made it back to my car it started raining pretty good. So, we had perfect timing! I started the first mile with 1/1 run/walk intervals but ended up doing 2/1 intervals for miles 2-6. My hips started hurting about 3 miles into the run. I’m pretty sure it’s because I hopped into a 6 mile run after being off for 3 weeks instead of working up to that distance. I felt like I could probably keep going, as I wasn’t tired. That’s good news because my 10 mile race will be coming up before too long! Next week I’m going to do 3/2 intervals and hope that I can work up my endurance. Clara and Kelly’s CrossFit box is having a running clinic on Oct. 1st where they’ll be training us on the Pose run method and going through drills and whatnot. I went ahead and signed up for that today. I’ve read a lot about Pose but just can’t seem to get it right on my own. So…we’ll see what they can teach me. OHHH…I also had a non-blister run yesterday! For those of you that know me, that is almost unheard of at this distance. I think I may have found the “magic socks” as Clara puts it. This also has me thinking I should go ahead and try to do the marathon instead of the 1/2. My real concern was blisters (well, that and being afraid I wouldn’t finish!). I didn’t want to have blisters all over my feet because of the marathon so I was going to drop down to a 1/2. We’ll see how training goes from here on out. I’ll keep you up to date!

How was your weekend?


Oooff…What a week


This was a short week, with Monday being a holiday, so I only had 2 CrossFit workouts. However, those two kicked my ass.

Tuesday July 5, 2011

Box Jumps (mod step ups)
25, 20, 15, 10, 5
Clean & Jerk (85#)
5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Practiced ring dips (using green band) 30 reps

My breathing has been pretty rough these past couple of weeks so I decided to modify the box jumps to step ups using a taller box. Even then, this workout was hard. I felt pretty strong with the Clean & Jerks though. I think I could have done a little more weight with that few number of reps.

Thursday July 7, 2011

15 Min AMRAP
10 Deadlifts (95#)
10 Bar Facing Burpees

5 Rounds

Freakin’ fracken burpees. This was one workout I would have liked to just stop 1/2 way through and go home. It tore me up. Afterward we practiced cleans because our form isn’t that good. I don’t think I have it down. It will take a bit. The hardest part is squating under the bar instead of trying to fling the bar up. Tomorrow is another Marathon training day followed by a free foam roller workshop at Clara and Kelly’s CrossFit gym…looking forward to the rolling!

Feelin’ Stronger


Today was a good day! It was the last CrossFit workout for the week and this Saturday I’ll put in some mileage on a walk, so right now I’m feeling pretty good!

Ground to Overhead (65#)
Ring Dips

Finished in 11:00

Prescribed was 75# and I think I could have done that weight, but it would have added quite a bit more time. The 65# got a little heavy at the end, but I wasn’t struggling to get the last few up like I would have been in the past. I’m extremely pleased with how much stronger it appears my upper body is getting. Now…if I could just get the pull ups down! I’m ready to get rid of the black band and graduate to the green, but I have yet to be able to pull my chin above the bar with the green one. However, I think it’ll be coming before too long!

My ring dips leave little to be desired! I’m all over the place. I need to work on keeping the rings close to the body and extending all the way up.

Have a great Friday!!

Nice Day For a Workout


What a gorgeous day it was today! It was a little on the warmer side but that’s alright. So far I’ve done better on my diet than I have been doing. No more sneaking in cheese or rice here or there. Friday is weigh in day…so that’s a big motivating factor!

We started today practicing Kipping Pull Ups as our skill. I think I’m getting the swing down pretty good. The biggest problem I have is my grip. It gives out quite quickly. I still can’t do a pull up, but that’s ok. It’ll come eventually. Michelle and I also practiced kipping after the WOD. With the band I felt like I have a better chance of actually doing the pull up, but I also felt like my feet were flinging way in front of me. Again…my grip gave out quickly.

The WOD was 21-15-9 of Hang Cleans (45#) and Ring Dips. I hadn’t done the hang cleans before so I wasn’t sure what to think about weight. I think I may have been able to do a little more, even though I was struggling a little toward the end. I wasn’t struggling as much as I normally do though. I can honestly say no one was smiling like the guy in the picture below…come on now!

Source: mensfitness.co.uk

On my last round of ring dips, I went to my rings and someone had put a huge red box over my smaller box I was using which made me eat extra time up while putting everything back…I think someone is trying to sabotage me! Last time Courtni took my bar away before I was done, this time someone covered my box…seams suspicious to me! lol I ended up finishing the WOD in 5:43. I was pretty stoked by that time. Especially considering I’ve been coming in last the past few times.

After we finished our workout I asked Shane if it was better to do a push up by going down as far as you can then pushing back up or by lowering yourself all the way to the floor and pushing yourself back up. He said it’s definitely better to go all the way to the ground because you get a full range of motion instead of stopping half way down. So, from now on that’s how I’ll do my push ups. He also showed us a way to strengthen our triceps…it was a bit painful after a bit and I got all shaky but if it helps, I’m all for it!

****Edit**** As I’m sitting here thinking through my workout, I don’t think I did the ring dips right. Shane kept saying to make sure the rings were under your armpits, which mine where, but I think he meant more make sure the rings are in your armpits, which mine were not. Dang it. I told my husband that I didn’t think I did my ring dips right to which he said “probably not.” wth? Where’s the love! He was joking of course but now I feel like I cheated. It wasn’t intentional…honest. Now I want to do it again the right way.

400 Meter Sprint? Are You Crazy?!


It’s Tuesday!! That means I get my butt kicked in CrossFit. Our warm up today was a 400 Meter Sprint for time. Uh….what? You want to time my 400 meter sprint? HAHAHAHA….ok…I’m slow. I’m not a runner. My normal mile is about 16:30…so I was a little intimidated by this. We lined up on the road and as soon as Shane said “GO” I tried to push my legs as fast as I could go. I finished last, which was expected. My time was 2:12. While I wasn’t that happy with that time, it was only about 20 seconds behind the person before me and as Michelle said that works out to about a 9 minute mile! So, I cut my normal mile in half. I like looking at it that way better!

The WOD was Tabatas of Squats, Push Ups, Butterfly Sit Ups, and Ring Dips. I kinda like tabatas, but at the same time they’re painful!  For those of you not familiar with Tabatas, basically you go all out for 20 seconds and do as many reps of the assigned exercise as possible, then rest for 10 seconds. You repeat this cycle 8 times. You keep track of your lowest reps and that becomes your score. So, for example, I did 13 squats (my most) and averaged about 10 squats, but my lowest rep round was 9, so I get 9 points for my squats. The next time we do squat tabatas I’ll be able to compare my score to today’s score. So, how did I do?

First…Ignore Chad and Cortni. They’re both beasts and it’s not fair to compare myself against them! Michelle did very well. I ended up with a 9 for my squats, 8 for push ups (I was happy with this score!), 7 for sit ups, and 6 for dips. Overall, I’m pretty happy with my score. I feel like I’ve come a long way in the 3 months I’ve been going to CrossFit. All of us (Alaina, Alan/Alen/Allen, Michelle) have. I’m excited to see what the rest of this year brings.

OH…another small victory for me. We had to do burpees in our warm up as well (only 5 each round, 2 rounds) and while they still sucked, I felt pretty strong doing them!! I don’t know that I could have done much more than 5 in a row but I was able to hop my legs back and hop them up to my chest whereas before I’d have to step back.

In other news, I had my 6 month check with for my Tracheal Stenosis today. Dr. D said everything looked stable. The area has healed well and while it’s slightly tighter than when I had the dilation done, it’s still much better than before the dilation and the “shelf” (a ridge of scar tissue) isn’t growing back (yet.). So, I got a clean bill of health and go back in another 6 months. He also told me that I needed to get to a healthy weight because the more fat you have, the more cells you have, the more demand your body has for oxygen. “I’m not telling you to lose 100lbs, or 2olbs, or even 10lbs, just get to a healthy weight.” Umm…ok. How do I get to a healthy weight if I don’t lose lbs?! Of course, I’m already working on this. He’s told me this before, but I thought he might notice a 30lb weight loss since the last time I saw him…guess not. Some men just aren’t very observant!



The weather was 73 degrees today during my workout and I was burning up. I can’t even fathom how hot it’s going to be when it’s 95-100 degrees out there!

Today’s warm up was 10 push ups, 10 squats, 10 box jumps and a 200 meter run (done twice). The WOD also consisted of push ups, squats, and a run. Not fair!! hahaha…the WOD was tough. It was 4 rounds for time of: 10 Push Ups, 20 Squats (squatting to a med ball), 20 Dumbbell Snatches (25#), 10 Ring Dips, and a 200 Meter Run. I wasn’t looking forward to the push ups just because I’m not that good at them yet. This was the first time I’ve done the dumbbell snatches and I enjoyed them. I was a little nervous with the 25# weight, but once I learned how to do them properly while using the momentum it was a bit easier than I thought it would be. That doesn’t mean it was easy though! They were quite tough. I had to rest the most doing those (10 per arm). There were a couple of times I almost lost the dumbbell but thankfully I didn’t drop it on my head!

Source: theagilebody.com

The run went ok the first round but my last 3 rounds were slow. On my last round Neil came out to finish it with me and push me to finish strong. He made the comment “Remember, if it sucks you’re doing it right!” I laughed at that…I’ll also have to remember it when I start feeling a bit down for being slow. My finish time was 26:13.

Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks?


I have a confession, I stayed up past midnight reading a book. Yes, sleep is important but so is learning what happens to the Sinsar Dubh and Mac!! I was feeling alright as the afternoon went on, but tonight’s workout made me feel quite weak. I have a couple of hypotheses on that…ok…so what did today’s workout entail?

My hamstrings were extremely tight and sore from Tuesday’s workout, so starting with a tabata of the boot strapper was a bit painful! The boot strapper is a stretch where you bend down and hold on to the toes of your shoes, then squat down where your but hits your ankles and the knees are outside of the arms. Then you stand up still holding on to your toes until your legs are straight and you’re bent all the way over. At first, this made my hamstrings scream a little bit but they loosened up…then the quads started burning! Who would have thought a stretch would be that tough to do tabata rounds? Then we moved over to practicing the muscle-ups by putting our feet on a box, leaning back and pulling ourselves on the rings with your chest toward the ceiling. That was quite hard. I am constantly reminded of how little upper body strength I have when we do exercises like this.

The WOD, “Elizabeth”, was 3 rounds for time. 1st round was 21 reps of each exercise, followed by 15 reps, and then 9 reps. We did a new lift today, at least new for me. It was a squat clean. Basically, you do a clean and go straight into a squat. I used a 45# bar while the recommended weight for a woman is 95#. OUCH. It’ll be a while before I get there. I’m not very good at the squat clean. The biggest issue was me not getting my elbows out far enough which was forcing me to lean forward instead of staying on my heels. Eventually, I just had to do the clean, then squat…had to have a little rest in between. I felt weak doing these. I think the main issue was the fact that my lower back and hamstrings were still very sore and I think they fatigued faster. Then again, maybe I was just a wuss today because I stayed up too late. Hopefully next time I’ll do better. I am a little disappointed in my performance, but we can’t be happy all the time.

The ring dips were more jumping presses than actual dips. We were trying to work the triceps better than the lower bar dips allow. Shane kept telling me to go straight up…I didn’t realize I was leaning until he griped at me. All in all, it was an off night. It was very cold outside, but I was sweating my butt off in the building. I think the lack of air circulation makes me sweat more. It also causes me to get overheated a bit. After the workout was done, I finished in 13:35 by the way, I cooled down a bit before going outside. Soooo, when I went outside I froze my butt off! I had been sweating so bad that I was still wet and the cold wind didn’t help!

All in all, I got my butt kicked by “Elizabeth”, learned a new lift, and burned some calories!