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Sugarlog Day 5 and NovGTD


My sugar cravings are getting much better. I didn’t give in the other day to the sugarbeast! So, on that front I’m feeling pretty confident.

Today for lunch, I ate boneless wings. Not great…987 calories and a ton of salt. However, I was only over my daily calorie count by 100 which isn’t too bad considering.

Today was also my first week to post my mileage for November: Going the Distance. I got 15 miles in on the treadmill! Woohoo! I’m on my way to my 60 miles goal. On another note, my friend Michelle invited me to join her and a couple of ladies from work to do Crossfit. We go on Monday to test it out. I’m a little concerned that I won’t necessarily make my 60 miles if I spend 3 days a week doing Crossfit, but I’ll be ok with that if I still give it my all.

Hope y’all had a good workout day!




I am craving a hot piece of chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. YUM!!  I have been chewing and chewing on Orbitz Bubblemint gum hoping to curb the craving, but it’s not working well!

I think I’ve chewed 1/2 of the package already. However, I have not touched the chocolate on the counter! Although, chocolate eaters may have healthier hearts! Not that I need any more excuses to eat chocolate!

Good day all!

Sugarlog, Days 2 & 3


What a wonderful weekend we had! The weather was gorgeous and quite cool. It actually felt like Fall for a little bit. On Saturday, I got up and run some errands in the morning then went over to Tamarac Park and got in 6 miles worth of walking. It was a great walk but I noticed my left foot (ball of the foot) felt a bit raw so I decided 6 miles was plenty.

I stopped by Lowe’s and picked up some paint swatches (yep, thinking of redecorating!) and a couple of books then went home to pick up the Hubby. We went to check out a place called My Fit Foods. They have perfectly portioned meals, many of which are gluten free. We didn’t pick anything up as we didn’t have a cooler to get them back to the house in, but I think I may get some of these meals for dinner for next week. Mike probably won’t eat them as they won’t have enough food for him. He has an extremely high metabolism that requires quite a bit more food than I do! So, I’ll have to let y’all know how they taste when I try them out. The meals looked good in the cooler. You could even buy them and heat them up there. They had a little eating area with tables and chairs.

Then Sunday, I stayed in my PJs all day watching football with Mike. I was going to get a few more miles in, but my foot was bothering me a great deal. Come to find out I had blisters. So, it’s time to get some new athletic socks and possibly some new shoes. Those shoes have probably close to 300 miles. I’ve heard that you can normally get anywhere from 300-400 miles on a good pair of running shoes before the materials start breaking down.

Today is a walk/run day, so I’m hoping the socks I use won’t irritate the blister too much. I’m tired of dealing with blisters on that foot. My guess is it’s the same blister that just hasn’t completely healed yet that keeps getting aggravated.

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

Sugarlog Day 1, Take Two


Today is day #1 again of going sugar free. It is going well. I’ve actually had no cravings today, even when I saw the candy on FPS’ desk. My weigh in this morning was enough to smash me over the head with a sledgehammer.

229.3…..yep…229.3. I’m almost back up to my highest weight. I know part of it is water weight, but not nearly enough to explain how I went from 214 to 229.3 in a matter of a couple of months. I’m embarrassed to reveal this weigh in to you, but it wouldn’t be fair to me to sugar coat it (bad pun…I know!). I’m trying my best to down the water. Your body retains fluid when you #1) eat too much salt and #2) don’t get enough liquids in the day. If your body doesn’t know when to expect it’s next water intake, it will hold on to all of the water in your system and store it in the extremities…yep…picture a camel! My feet and hands are swollen, so I know I need to keep on drinking water. The best way to cut out fluid retention is by drinking MORE water so your body is no longer trying to hold on to it in case you don’t give it enough.

Happy Friday, All!

Day 4, and Failure


Today  I went to the International Quilt Festival with my Aunt. I knew I wouldn’t eat well as they don’t have any healthy choices there and there are no restaurants within walking distance. The day started off with me getting pancakes. No, I didn’t have to get them, but I figured one high calorie meal wouldn’t hurt.

We spent 4 hours walking around, then went in search of lunch. They had pizza, loaded potatoes, burritos, loaded taco salad, corndogs…health food! I went to the build your burrito line and got a bowl of rice, black beans, and some cheese. I didn’t think it would be too terribly bad with calories but high in carbs. It looked good, but tasted horrible. Then, it happened. My Aunt Linda pulled out a snickers bar and handed me half of it. I took it….and I ate it. I told myself that I didn’t want to be rude by refusing her offer, but the truth was I wanted it…I wanted the chocolaty goodness. Did I enjoy it? Not really. To be honest, the memory of the treat was much better than the real thing. So, now I was feeling defeated by my poor food choices.

On the way home we stopped at Texas Roadhouse and I had 3 of their dinner rolls with cinnamon butter, chicken strips with white gravy, green beans, and steak fries. Yep….I reverted back to the way of thinking “I’ve already blown today, one more bad choice can’t make it any worse.” Ohhhhhh….you poor, silly girl. Since when has eating fried chicken pieces coated in bread and dipped in calorie/fat laden gravy and fried potatoes the size of my finger become a meal that wouldn’t “hurt” anything?

So, I made some very poor choices today. What does that tell me? I need to get my head whipped into shape and start taking better care of myself. I’m not happy with my choices, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it either. It’s time to recognize where I went wrong, identify the better choice for future use, and move on. I’m expecting to be up on weight on Friday just because of all the SALT I consumed last night.

The good news is, I did get a 3 mile workout in. So…not all was lost!

***update*** calorie intake is calculated around 2714.

Day 3


I was on calories today! 1790, so 10 cals short of the goal. I didn’t get any exercise in as I was trying to finish a project before tomorrow, but I didn’t make it.

I avoided all chocolate and candy today! I’m happy with that. There’s not much else to report. Weigh in will be Friday. One other thing I need to work on is drinking enough water. I’ve found myself slacking in that for a bit.

Hope y’all are having a great Wednesday!

Sugarlog, Day 2


Well, I’ve made it two days so far without giving in to the sweets temptation. I’m surprised at how quickly the sugar seems to be leaving my body. I went to get some nutella last night (mmmm….nutella) but then realized I shouldn’t if I want to break the sugar cravings. I was able to put the jar down without feeling disappointed. THAT WAS AWESOME!! Of course, this is more like the third day I guess since I don’t recall have any sugar on Sunday either.

I’m still craving it, just not as intensely. Every time I walk by the filing cabinet (where our Receptionist hides the goods) I look at it, then walk away. I think by the end of the week, I may not even be eyeballing the cabinet anymore!

Today was also day 2 of staying within my calorie range. I’ve started recording my calories using MyNetDiary on my iphone and then also adding the total calories into my Strands profile. I like the fact that I can have my exercise and calories all in one spot, but I have yet to figure out all I can do with Strands. I also use Daily Mile because it’s extremely user friendly, but it doesn’t allow me to add in health items (nutrition, sleep, etc.). So, until I decide if I want to switch completely to Strands (which I keep calling Stash in my head for some reason!) I’ll be using both of them.

On another note, I completed 3 of my 60 miles for NovGTD. I love fresh beginnings! Oh, and today was Patrick’s 199th day for his blog. A commenter suggested everyone eat fruit (Fruit Party!) to celebrate, so we tried to get Patrick 199 pieces of fruit. My contribution:

I love plums! I could probably eat 3 or 4 in one sitting if they were juicy enough.

Have a good one!!