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Vacation WODs and Grace


Heidi Ho Good People!

I’m sorry to have disappeared for a week. Last week I spent in a beach house overlooking Holden Beach, NC. It was a much needed break. I did do a couple of benchmark WODs while I was there.

Monday 7/25
200 Squats
Finished in 5:50

Yeah….I was sore for 3 days afterword. While I didn’t have a medicine ball to squat to, I think I did pretty good. I wanted a workout I could do in my room so I didn’t have my family staring at me!

Tuesday 7/26
Mike’s Birthday!!
100 Sit Ups
Finished in 6:59

This one went pretty good. It would have been nice to have an abmat to get more extension. I did these in the living room beside the couch. Every time I sat up I could see my nephews playing on the couch. They didn’t notice me at first but once they did they started making faces every time I popped back up. It was a little distracting but funny. We had also just eaten pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. It’s definitely not a good idea to do that many sit ups after eating. Unfortunately, I got rug burn on my tush from doing so many. That was a little painful for a few days as well. So, not only was I walking funny from the squats but sitting was a little painful at times!

I took the rest of the week off. The gym was going to be closed on Thursday anyway, so I wouldn’t have done the workout if I had been home! lol. I spent the rest of the week reading and relaxing. My brother, sis-in-law, nephews and I all went to play putt-putt on Monday. Then Mom, Dad and I went to Southport and walked around for an hour or so on Tuesday. Other than that we didn’t leave the house.

I got home late Sunday night. That was my last “bad” meal. I ate like a pig all week long. Ok, maybe not a pig as they may have shown more restraint! Monday started me back to making healthier choices. Mike is doing this with me this time, so that will help. Plus, it makes me happy to see him wanting to eat healthier. He’s not out of shape, in fact he runs 4+ miles every day except Sat and Sun, but he eats a bunch of processed crap. Glad to see him working on that. He had a bit of a weekend with his Father (who has had a stroke and has dementia and expressive aphasia as a result) and Mother, so I think that’s what spurred this.

Monday 8/1
Weigh In: 206#
Ok…confession time. I was 204# before going on vacation, so while I’m glad I only gained 2# while on vacation I am not pleased that I am 10# up from my lowest weigh in so far. Today’s eating went very well. I didn’t have any artificial sweetners either, so I’m going to try to keep them out of my diet. Afterall, they cause a spike in insulin as well, which causes weight gain (or at least causes you to hold on to the weight).

OH Squats 3 (45#)x 3(65#) x 3(75#) x 3(didn’t get to it)
I was partnered up with Tiffany for this exercise and I have to say I was a little frustrated with the outcome. We started with the bar and went up from there. I was only able to get 3 rounds in because Tiffany was struggling to get the bar overhead for her 3rd round. Everyone else was putting their weights up by the time she gave up. She could do it, she just psyched herself out. She kept trying to press the bar up…yeah, that isn’t going to work! Although, I think she could have done it (had 65# originally then dropped her down to 60#) she improved over her last attempt (45#). This time she ended up getting to 55#. I only got up to 75#, which was where I was last time. I’m pretty sure I could have done 80-85# this time. Oh well…next time!

30 Clean & Jerks (70#)
Finished in 7:21

While I went up 15# from my last Grace experience, my time also went up by a couple of minutes. I’m not too upset with that though. Today, I can really feel my back muscles. They aren’t sore…but I can tell they were worked out. That’s what happens when you haven’t touched a weight in over a week I guess! It was very tempting not to workout today, but I made myself go and I’m glad I did. We did these crossovers after the workout. Basically, there is a 25# weight on the floor, you get into push up formation on the right side of the plate and when the timer starts you walk your hands over the plate to the other side and back. We did those in Tabatas. I didn’t do that well (lowest number was 4). My wrist started bothering me a bit. It was probably because of poor form. I had a hard time keeping my butt down!

Our trainer and his girlfriend went to the CrossFit Games in LA this past weekend. He took that opportunity to propose and it was caught on film! So happy for the two of them!


Today’s the Day


I started my new diet today. Although, I guess I should call it “nutrition lifestyle” instead of diet. Basically, I’m in the process of cutting out all processed foods, breads, rice, and grains from my diet. Being that I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), I am supposed to be eating a very limited amount of carbs. Most people with PCOS also have insulin resistance (and I do) which can be brought on by a diet high in refined carbs. That describes my diet most of my life. I never liked vegetables, so I never ate them…other than green beans. Cakes, candy, cookies…mmmm…I could live on sweets alone. Unfortunately, the sweets were reeking havoc on my system.

Earlier this year I went to my well woman exam and they did blood work. I just knew it would come back saying I was a type 2 diabetic…or at least a pre-diabetic. My diet had been poor for so long that I figured it was just a matter of time before it caught up with me. Luckily, the results came back A-OK except for a couple of things. My hormone levels were a little out of whack (thanks to PCOS) and I had too much yeast in my system. The doctor had told me to cut out all foods with yeast. Have you seen what all has yeast in it? EVERYTHING!! So, I said “sure sure” and went on about my business.

I had been eating decently this past year. My main concern was watching calories instead of the types of food I was eating. I’m finally starting to realize just how fragile life/health is and that it needs to be taken care of regardless of how “hard” it may be. So, that’s what lead me to where I am today. I’m already craving carbs! It will probably take a while before those cravings are gone, but I’ve kicked the cravings before so I’ll do it again. My main hope is that this will help me get my hormone levels back to normal and in the meantime help me lose some weight as well!

This past weekend I went to Shreveport to celebrate my Grandparents’ (Dad’s side) 59th wedding anniversary. I had a blast. I forgot all about exercise and eating correctly. We had rich, calorie/sugar laden foods and plenty of high calorie drinks. While I probably gained a couple of pounds (after that pecan pie…mmmm) but I’m not going to beat myself up for the way I ate. I knew I was starting the new way of eating today, so I enjoyed my refined carbs while I could.

Recharged and Ready!


I’ve been gone for a bit and I apologize for that, but I was on VACATION!! As I had mentioned in my previous post, I was disappointed and drained. After being away from work for a week and taking time only worrying about exercise, I feel much better. I wasn’t able to weigh in on Friday (wasn’t home yet) but I did weigh in today at 225.7. Yes, I went up .4 lbs, but I’m ok with that. Ok, I’m not ok with gaining weight, just the fact that I didn’t worry about diet at all last week and only gained a slight bit.

I was able to get in 12.5 miles of hiking/walking. This was the toughest 12.5 miles I’ve done in a long time! Those mountains/hills were quite tough. However, I enjoyed it all!! The weather was gorgeous, I got to walk amongst 200+ year old homes in Charleston, and 200+ year old trees in Asheville. I wanted some time away from worrying about calories (not that it appears I was too worried about them in the past week or two).

It’s important to be a mindful eater. I understand that, but I just needed to clear my head out and get reprogram my thinking. It’s not completely reprogrammed, but my body is well aware of how what I eat affects it. I’ve known the old adage “You are what you eat” is true, I just chose not to listen to it because I like food…not just food, sugar…sweets…candy…cake. From this point on, I’m going to try to look at food as fuel and make sure I eat things to make my body run more efficiently. The operative word here is “try”. I’m human and have my weaknesses!


Eh?? Whadya Say?


I’m feeling a bit blah today. It appears I have an ear infection taking root. It has literally been about 20 years since I’ve had an ear ache. I am supposed to have some time off next week, so this stuff better go away fast! I want to enjoy my time off!

On another note, I haven’t exercised at all this week. Eek….I will try to get 4-5 miles in today. If not, then I’ll try to get 2 miles in every day for the rest of the week. Hopefully this ear thing won’t cause me to be extra clumsy!

Have a good Tuesday y’all.

Vacation Week


Well, vacation is over and it’s back to the real world! My week went by way too fast, but not so fast that I didn’t get my workouts in!

Monday’s workout consisted of walking the grounds at the Biltmore. It was quite cold, but we were able to get 2.7 miles in.

On Tuesday we went to the North Carolina Arboretum and hiked to Lake Powhatan. The entire hike was 4.43 miles.

This was one of the hardest winters they have in a while, which was evident by all of the trees that were broken and dead because of all of the weight from the snow and ice.

Wednesday, I did my workout by walking the roads behind my parents’ house. It was quite a tough workout because I wasn’t used to walking such steep hills! The total workout was 2.84 miles.

Thursday was an easy “nature walk” with my nephews. We were again in my parents’ subdivision, but we went up into the tree line and wondered around some other people’s land. All together, it was only 1.26 miles, but it was still a nice workout with the hills.

Friday we spent the day walking around the Riverside Cemetery. I didn’t track distance because it wasn’t a workout…it was just a nice stroll outside. Friday was the first day we had a beautiful day. Then Saturday I spent all day traveling back home. All in all, it was a great vacation!