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Monthly Weigh In


Yep…it’s “that” time again! Last month I had gained some weight at 202. This month:

Down 2.3 pounds and about where I was in April. So, I wasted two months worth of weight loss but that’s ok. Keep on keepin’ on!

  5/25/2011 6/25/2011
Body Fat Weight: 73.3 lbs 72.0 lbs
Body Fat %: 36.3% 36.1%
Body H20: 46.4% 46.6%
Bone Mass: 6.9% 6.9%

Don’t Poke the Bear



The Bear Complex:
5 Rounds of 7 reps (55#)
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

Every time you set the bar down between reps you had to do 3 burpees. You can rest as long as needed between rounds.

Today’s WOD wasn’t timed, but I think I finished around 20 minutes. All I have to say is ouch. That was hard. I definitely have bruises on the back of my neck from dropping the bar too heavily to go into the back squats. I also know my squats weren’t probably deep enough toward the last couple of rounds. My front squats really suffer when I get tired and I’m pretty sure that’s because my elbows drop which makes me want to lean forward instead of stay on my heels. That’s definitely something I need to work on. The good news? I didn’t have to do 1 burpee! Yes…

It was 100 degrees here today and I felt quite overheated between the last few rounds. We need a fan just to get air circulation in the gym. I rested more than I cared to between rounds but I did not want to have to put the bar down to do burpees. I think I was the last one done, or at least close to last, but that’s ok.

Yesterday was my weigh in day. I didn’t post the results because I got lazy and was a little miffed at myself. This month is my first gain in the 5 months I’ve been working hard.

4/20/2011 5/25/2011
Body Fat Weight: 69.1 lbs 73.3 lbs
Body Fat %: 35.3% 36.3%
Body H20: 47.1% 46.4%
Bone Mass: 6.9% 6.9%

This really didn’t take me by surprised since I spent all month making poor food choices for the most part. But, it is what it is. I’m not going to dwell on it, especially since I’ve had my eating back under control since Monday. By next month, I should be back down to the 190’s. I’m hoping to be in the 180’s by the time I hit the beach at the end of July. Then, when I get back from there I’ll have two weeks before my marathon training starts. Eek!

What a Good Day!


Since Mike and I had dentist appointments today I was able to sleep in an hour. Once I hauled my butt out of bed, I decided to weigh myself and see how things were going. I stepped on the scale and Yeehaw!! The day was off to a great start.

You’ll have to excuse my bruised toenail. It’s kinda nasty looking. Anyway, how does this compare with last month?

  3/25/2011 4/20/2011
Body Fat Weight: 73.0 lbs 69.1 lbs
Body Fat %: 36.2% 35.3%
Body H20: 46.5% 47.1%
Bone Mass: 6.9% 6.9%

I’ll do my measurements either tonight or tomorrow. My father is coming in tomorrow for the weekend! So excited about that!

The dentist checkup came back great. No cavities or anything else to worry about. So, it was off to work in my new SIZE 14 dress!! That’s right, apparently I’ve gone down another size to a 14. I grabbed some jeans this weekend and decided to get a pair of 14s as motivation. Well, when I tried them on they fit! As did both size 14 dresses I bought (at 50% off too!).

So Close!!


It’s the official weigh in day! I woke up this morning feeling like I was a little bloated but the scale was still good to me. Drumroll please…

Let’s compare some numbers. Last month I was 209.7 so I ended up with a 7.9lb loss!! That is outstanding, especially considering I wasn’t 100% paleo this month; However, I was much better this month that I was the previous when I lost about 5lbs. Guess I should pay attention to that! I’m only 2lbs away from being below 200. That means I’ll be weighing myself probably every week until I see the magic “1” at the front of my weight. As it is, I’m at my lowest in about 6 years. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Some other numbers:

  2/25/2011 3/25/2011
Body Fat Weight: 78.6 lbs 73.0 lbs
Body Fat %: 37.4% 36.2%
Body H20: 45.6% 46.5%
Bone Mass: 7.0% 6.9%

My bone mass went down some. I need to start including more calcium rich vegetables in my diet. It’s always nice to see the other numbers go down. As you can see, my water percentage was higher so I think I am retaining some water. I can feel it in my fingers. I will try to get my progress pictures up with my measurements tomorrow when I have more time to fiddle with that. I’ve also decided to go do a CrossFit WOD Saturday morning since I have to be in that area to pick up my race packet for Sunday!

Keep on Truckin’!


Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Today is my monthly weigh in day and I happy to announce that I’ve lost 6lbs since my last weigh in! While it’s only half of what I lost last month, I’m still very happy with the number. I had been eating horribly throughout the month and I was afraid I might not have lost anything.

I forgot to weigh where it shows all of the stuff on the bottom (BF Weight, BF%, etc) so I’ll probably weigh again tomorrow morning to see what those numbers where. Since today was the weigh and measure day I made sure to get my progress pictures this morning too. I haven’t had a chance to post a side by side (dadgum day job!) but here’s a frontal shot anyway!

My dogs love to be in these pictures for whatever reason but when I try to take a picture of them they run off…I don’t get it! Ok, so on to the measurements. While I was happy I had lost weight, I didn’t think that I would have lost any inches (figured it was water weight) but I did! I lost 2 1/2 inches! Woot!

Date: 1/23/11 2/25/11
Bust: 42.25 41.5
Waist: 38.75 38
Hips: 47 46.5
Calf: 18.5 18
Thigh: 28 28
Bicep: 14 14.25
Neck: 13.75 13.5

I gained a 1/4 inch in my arms and didn’t lose anything in my thighs, but I’m ok with that. They’ll budge and go the right direction eventually. Besides, I think I’m just going to have massive thighs as is. There seems to be a lot of muscle there. Of course, there would have to be to move 200+ lbs around on a daily basis!

***Edit*** Here is the side shot of comparison from January to February. I made it black and white because the color seems to play tricks on the eyes.

And The Verdict Is…


Today was my first weigh in since Christmas Day so I was very interested in seeing the results. I drug myself out of bed this morning and pulled the scale out from its dark, damp hiding place. This particular scale can supposedly calculate your body fat % and whatnot. Unfortunately, I hadn’t documented what those were last time so I don’t have anything to compare other than weight. Which, is fine since I’m not sure how accurate that is anyway. I told myself that I wasn’t going to be too upset with the number since I’ve definitely “lost girth” as my husband puts it. Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about the number not moving!

You’ll have to excuse the finger prints and dog hair. So, according to the scale I have 83lbs of fat left on my body. However, my goal is lose 55.4 more lbs. The overall goal is to get to 160lbs, just so I don’t out weigh my husband anymore. Yes, he’s one of those that was blessed with a good metabolism and he runs 3-4 miles every morning, Monday-Friday. So, he can eat whatever he wants and not put on weigh. For example, I’ve seen him eat 7 pork chops in one sitting…I kid you not!

Ok, so what does this number mean? It means I lost 12.6lbs in a month!! That’s pretty good in my opinion! If I can keep it up, I’ll be below 200 in a couple of months…which is my first midterm goal. To celebrate, I decided to dress a little nicer than my normal jeans/casual look for work today.

This is my “I’m still tired, please take the picture without acting all goofy” look! hahahahaha…..Happy Tuesday!

Trusting Your Body


I weighed in Saturday morning and my weight was 227.3…almost a pound up from Friday. So, I’ve decided to ditch the scale for now. I’m NOT going to let a number discourage me from my trek.

From this point on, I will go by how my clothes are fitting me. In fact, the scale will be hidden deep within my closet so I’m not tempted to step on it in the mornings. My diet was not very good on Sunday. I got some melting mints from Hickory Farms. They’re gone now so I don’t have to worry about stuffing my face with them. We had a steak and asparagus for dinner, which was pretty good.  I also drank some extra calories. In fact, most of my excess calories were from the drinks (I didn’t eat that many mints). So, now that the drinks are no longer in the house I have to make sure not to buy any more. Just not worth the calories.

On Saturday, I met with my Former Running Coach, Liz. We put in a little over 5 miles walking. It was great to have someone to talk to and encourage me and I got my mileage in. I’m used to doing it solo for the most part. It was so good to catch up with her. After our workout, I headed home to shower and get ready for my Aunt and Uncle’s Christmas Choir Extravaganza that evening. Mike and I went out to eat at Outback. I had a salad….I was good!

I need to get back into running. At CrossFit when we do some running for warm-ups I’m always the last one back in. I’d like to be able to hang with the big guys!

I hope y’all had a great weekend!